Good small / quick computer strategy games

Does anybody have recommendations for games in this genre. I could use a new one.

I prefer games with fully understood rules, that take < 30 mins, as opposed to more grand strategy games like civilization.

My favorites are:
Slay (O’Conners windows games)

I’ve always enjoyed KDice, if you are looking for a quick multiplayer strategy game.

Thank you. This is a perfect recommendation, as I have enjoyed that game a lot.

I am not playing it much anymore, though. I find that people mostly flag to other players too much and too early, which means that the games mostly become settled very fast, and that sort of ruins it for me.

There’s Dicewars, which is basically a one-player version of KDice - you play against the computer.

Hidden Agenda! It can run on a computer from the 80s. Might be a bit hard to find, though…

Magic the gathering maybe?

I have played both Dicewars and Magic: The Gathering. Dicewars so much that I pretty much autowon by the end, and Magic: The Gathering is a great game, that doesn’t work so well for pc. Thanks for the suggestions, though.

I’d suggest Race For The Galaxy. Originally it was (well, still is) a non-collectible strategy card game, but somebody went ahead and coded a computer version along with an AI for it that’s quite decent.

Even though the cards have all been scanned, the game’s publisher has graciously allowed the guy who coded it to distribute his software as long as there no money involved ; so it’s all above board if that’s a concern.

Why doesn’t it work so well on PC? I’ve been playing the latest version and it runs great and it’s a lot of fun. Beats the actual card game by a mile, IMHO.

If you have an iPad, Le Havre is now available. The computer version of Kingsburg is pretty decent as well.


I prefer draft games, so that I always play with new decks. I’m quite sure that’s available online, but it’s expensive.

Colossus, a Java version of Avalon Hill’s Titan. I haven’t played it in a few years, but it was pretty good. Certainly played much faster than the board version did.

Oasis, where you search to build a city so you can fend off barbarians. I didn’t actually like it very much, others did and it fits the criteria.

There’s lots of tower defence games at but there’s also Rebuild and Rebuild II, which are similar to strategy board games. The first one was harder.

On the off chance that you haven’t played Settlers of Catan, it’s a good board game and I’ve played a couple different PC versions.