Dick Cheney had a heart transplant. Now he needs a brain transplant.

What a worthless piece of crap. This:


Yea, you and Bush and your neocon buddies did such a great job of keeping us safe. You couldn’t be bothered to read the security reports before 9/11 because you flunky boss was on vacation for a month, 6 months into the job. You ignored all the intelligence information that was handed to you because, and only because, it came from the previous administration.

Bush, you and Rumsfeld had binLaden cornered in Tora Bora and let him go because if he had been killed you couldn’t launch your unprovoked, worthless, multi-trillion dollar war in Iraq.

Now you can’t keep your pie hole shut. Fuck you Dick with your own worthless dick.

Let him speak.

As someone who hopes that Barack Obama is re-elected in November, i’d be happy to see as much connection as possible during the campaign between Romney and the Bush/Cheney administration.

Hell, from a conservative perspective, Obama’s foreign policy has probably been the strongest part of his administration. He’s continued with the previous administration’s policies in a whole bunch of important areas, including a whole bunch of areas that he promised to bring to a halt during the campaign. Plenty of liberals and progressives have been most critical of this part of his presidency, and it seems to me that this is one area where he’s actually got plenty of armor against Cheney’s sort of criticisms.

And he managed to find and kill Bin Laden.

I’m not sure exactly why people speak of Cheney as though he were Satan, Hitler, and Genghis Khan all rolled up into one, with a side of Rush Limbaugh.

Heck, the guy didn’t do much of anything. He was a Vice President. Yes, yes, he was involved with Halliburton or Enron or somebody and once had a hunting accident. Much ado about nothing.

I guess when people get tired of raving about GWB, raving about Cheney provides needed variety.

I always remembers all those from the right that repeat that saying that goes like :

“If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.” - Falsely attributed to Winston Churchill.

Until recently I could say that Cheney is an example that demonstrates that a conservative can get by without a heart or a brain.

Because it was patently obvious that he was the most powerful VP ever, and he and his cronies controlled GWB to a large degree. That said, the article doesn’t mention Cheney needing a brain transplant, so I am skeptical as to the OP.

That only works by ignoring “cute” things like the manipulation of the OSP.

For those who think he didn’t wield much power and think the comparison with Darth Vader is unfair, just remember that Darth Vader was only the second in command in his administration too.

Oh come on! Cheney was marginally less mechanical than Vader! He didn’t have the breathing apparatus! Just the heart!

Not enough rolleyes in the world…



I actually agree with you. Still, people like Cheney who are totally unable to admit mistakes and failure chap my ass.

And you are right, Obama is far more “conservative” than anybody ever thought. I’ll attribute that to being intelligent and realistic rather than just pounding an agenda. You are also right that that fact annoys a lot of far left liberals that have their own agenda.

I’ll also state that the foreign policy challenges have probably been as complex as anything that an administration has ever seen. The Arab Spring? Navigating that water couldn’t be more difficult. I was never a fan of Hillary Clinton but I have gained a new respect for her. Condi Rice was a clueless POS compared to Hillary.

Echo: “And he managed to find and kill Bin Laden.” Amen.

Seriously? He was instrumental in lying the country into a bankrupting war, bullying other nations into supporting it, endorsing torture, suspending habeus corpus, and turning Gitmo into what it is today.

Seems enough to me.

Plus, he shot a guy in the face, didn’t report it till he’d sobered up, then the guy that got shot, apologized!

Don’t read much, do you?

On the Scale of Evil, “He shot me in the face and made me apologize for the trouble” is right up there in :eek: territory.

Come on now. Just admit that you’re jealous on that one.

I mean seriously. To have the solid steel cojones to shoot a man in the face, make him apologize for getting in the way of your bullets, and then act as if the matter is settled? Balls like that, who need a heart or a brain?

I could only wish to have that sort of power. People get pissy with me when I hit them in the face with rubber bands. I’m nowhere near bullet-face level.

Dick Cheney was a badass, despite his health limitations. Who among us has or had more heart than this dude with no actual heart?

Not only that, but the guy gave his apology with all the bruises and lacerations in plain sight all over his face.

Cheney didn’t even give him time to recuperate first.

I actually blame Cheney and Rove for all the dumbass shit that Bush did, except for the Harriet Meyers thing. That had to be 100% Bush being an idiot.

In the end, when Bush stopped paying attention to Cheney, he was a surprisingly competent president. And in the middle, when he pushed his “amnesty” bill for illegal immigrants, that was his own thing too I’m sure and the republicans shot him down for it.

The bolded part made me snicker.

Now if only we could find a Wizard, Emerald city could have a leader!

David Duke?

There’s this line in the article:

Reminds me of:

Bush/Cheney as Zapp Brannigan. I guess that makes Colin Powell Kif.

In what universe? By the time he left office, the world economy teetered on the brink of collapse. Largely because of shenanigans of US banks.

The current Republican candidate for president won’t even mention his name! He is wisely hunkered down in Texas, not taking calls, not that anyone is calling.