Did Amazon.com change for anyone else?

Not sure if this is the right place for this but since the New Year, the way Amazon.com has worked has changed for me. Suddenly I have to reselect my address (I have a couple of addresses on file because I have shipped gifts direct to friends) and the credit card I use and then I get the summary screen every time I place an order. I used to just get the summary screen (where I can make changes) and that was it. Did anyone else see a change how the orders are placed recently?

Nope. It’s asked me to reselect my address every order for years now, ever since I ordered something for an aunt for her birthday three or four years ago. I wonder why you haven’t had to until now.

Interesting. I guess I was lucky for a long long time and my luck ran out. :slight_smile:

You might try going into your account setting and selecting a default ship to address.

Changed for me, too - I think it was last month or so when it finally decided “oh hey, maybe you want to ship to these places you haven’t sent anything to in years?”