Did any of you lose any lungs in Los Angeles?

For goodness sake, if you are going to be careless enough just to leave your lungs lying around like that . . . It’s bad enough when people drop their gum wrappers on the sidewalk!

There wasn’t a package with Canadian postmarks nearby, was there?

No, but I left my heart in San Francisco once.

They’re mine.

Please don’t ask me to describe them.

I was pretty sure I saw that guy walking out of the alley with the trenchcoat drop something, but it was dark, and I couldn’t be sure. And I was gonna miss the start of the Dodger game. :frowning:

Wow, the smog still must get really bad there, if someone literally coughed up a lung.

That’s sort of a rough neighborhood. Whoever it was should consider themselves lucky if they got to keep the rest of their organs. As Tom mentioned, lungs don’t do you much good in LA anyway.

My L.A. friend Donna says they’re not hers, but now that the police said “maybe they’re dog lungs,” she will check her dog to see if he dropped them while she was walking him.

My guess is, someone stole a cooler.

Thus, a perfectly good story was ruined by the application of logic.

And then cooler heads prevailed?

I left my spleen in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but I don’t think that counts.

13100 block of Avalon Boulevard. Is that near where they found the Black Dalia? Maybe they’re hers.

Sounds like somebody made good on a “I’ll rip yer lungs out!!” threat.

Well I can’t swear that they’re not mine, but I’m assuming I’d know by now if they were missing.

One of them could be from ligendary rock & roll guitarist Link Wray, who lost a lung to tuberculosis. Yeah, he lost it about 50 years ago, but who knows how long it might take to show up again?

And someone had to make some phone calls which left two families very disappointed today. :frowning:

It’s just a flesh wound.

Oh, sure! It’s all fun and games. Until someone loses a lung!

irl, I had terrible asthma when I lived in L.A. as a child in the 60s. Was told it was smog related. Smog alerts would keep us inside during recess.

Kid, don’t mess with those cigs! You’ll put a lung out playing around with them.