Meteorologist, Dead Dude with dog collar in hot tub. Priceless

This one hits a bit too close to home. He’s on our local NBC station. They have temporarily taken him off the news broadcast.

Sure beats chasing tornadoes doesn’t it. :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll be interesting to see how this story develops. I suspect it’s an overdose. Perhaps nothing criminal other than the drug use. But, they won’t know until the autopsy. Don’t even want to speculate about the three guys in a tub and one wearing a dog collar. A bit too kinky for me… :dubious:

That is an excellent story. I’ll bet that story just made some journalists career. You just don’t get to write stories like that even once in most journalists careers, unless you live in Florida.

The tub was dry? A non-electric dog collar? It’s merely gay and somewhat perverted? And this is supposed to be NEWS? People stopped buying this in the 70s :wink:

It happened in Little Rock. It still is the '70s there. 1870s that is.

Sad someone died, but this is a pretty awesome story.

Job Forecast for Mr. Cummins: 100% chance of unemployment.

Meh, I mean, who hasn’t had this happen to themselves?

It’s like a remake of Old Yeller.

A couple years ago, someone posted a short clip of Brett acting weird during a newscast. Meant nothing then. Given the new info… it might have been an early sign of problems.

I noticed the dramatic weight loss in his more recent pictures. He’s at a normal weight in this video. He looks unhealthy in recent pics. Drugs will do that.

“This isn’t what it looks like!”

I just noticed they have included the police report in the link I gave in the OP. Be sure to scroll down to the officers statement. That was one strange crime scene.

Look at who’s face is discolored now!

And I thought this was going to be a story about global warming.

Quite a few weatherman have gotten into trouble recently.

Kind of sad to see so many careers ruined by foolish and in some cases, criminal behavior.


I just want to say that it was totally worth being banned this morning if it meant finding this when I got back on the board!

Out of curiosity, on the police report, why does it have an Ethnicity bit, where it lists all 3 men as ‘Not Hispanic’?
Is it just me that thinks that;s an odd way to put it?

And why is that the detail I focus on?

There is much weirdness among us. Too bad about the man who died.

I was hoping one of the participants was Rick Perry.

Hope he’d come out to his parents already …

You know how a desk looks when it’s flocked, with a Sonic chocolate malt taking the place of fake snow. I do now.