Did anybody miss the posters that used to adorn mechanic's shops?

When I was a kid and I was dragged with my dad to the mechanics to get his old Datsun (frequently) repaired, I remember seeing all the girlie posters mechanics used to put on the ceilings (so they could glance at them while underneath the car I guess).

With sexual harassment laws and such those posters have long since disappeared but I must admit it was quite a sight for a six-year old boy to see a phograph of a nude woman sitting on a motorcycle :eek:

It was a sad time when the management banned those posters at my place of employment. No, the women weren’t nekkid, but they were well-endowed, in swimsuits, and were usually making provocative poses with odd props such as neon wrenchs.

They had never been visible beyond the machine shop. Nevertheless, we are in pharmaceutical research, so the rest of the building is full of folks who probably wouldn’t understand the tool poster gig.

I think the official decree came out in '93 or '94 to follow the changing times.

I think that they still have the posters, but they keep them inside cabinets and lockers.

Snap On Tools changed their calendars in '95. The women were less naked that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, but, according to the company, their customers prefered the calendar to have just cars, not women & cars.

They had a nostalgic cheesecake appeal that, while no more realistic or hostile than a Norman Rockwell calendar, probably wasn’t appreciated by the growing customer base of women who earn their own money and bring their own cars in for service.

What about the Rigid Tool Company? Have they changed their calendars?

I can tell you they’re alive and well and still hanging in the windows and siding and other construction supply warehouses - at least around here.

When I used to work in an AF electrocincs shop (early '90s - almost exclusively male technicians), there was no rule against them as long as there was no actual nudity. Of course when a female tech put up a Chipendales (pants, no shirts) poster, there was quite a ruckus and it didn’t last a shift before someone tore it down. :rolleyes:

as a girly type, I’m glad as hell I don’t have to deal with those posters. They always grody’d me out, and I never felt comfortable with the mechanics, felt completely disrespected in their shops.

I am glad those posters are gone. THey still have them in small independent auto parts stores I’ve noticed.


I don’t miss em, cause I still got em! Its MY garage, and I’ll hang up any damn thing I want! :smiley:

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

Used to have those, not only in the garage I worked at , but also at my desk in an office job. Things were different in those days!

I think my first titty pictures that I ever saw was when me and my friends would ask to use the bathroom at the car repair shop down the street. The filthiest bathroom you can imagine, but it had a naked girly calendar.

I was 28.

Just kidding, we were all less than 10. A magical time…