Do you remember " it..."

Time to jump in your Wayback Machine and remember something from, as I recall, the early to late 1970s. There was this sort of fad about making a statement associating sexual intercourse with the speakers industry/hobby/business. I’m a printer; by education and a long career in printing and publishing. Our mantra at the time was “Printers do it reproductively.” I also remember “Scuba divers do it deeper.”

I can remember many more, but will pass. What do you remember?

Every occupation had one of these. For his birthday, my stepdad got a license plate frame that said Welders do it with Spark

Welders do it with a metal rod.
Welders do it with a hot nozzle.

My mom had the bumper sticker Teachers do it with Class. That one probably wouldn’t fly today.

Runners do it in their shorts.

“Glaziers score the most.”

Trombone players do it in seven positions

I went on a spring concert tour up the coast of California with the Loyola Marymount choruses in 1977. On our free touristy day in Carmel, I got a custom made T-shirt that read “BASSES DO IT DEEPER.” My best friend (a tenor) got one that said “TENORS HOLD IT HIGHER, LONGER.”

“Football players have deeper penetration.”

My first career was in environmental education. My bumper sticker said “Naturalists are better lookers.”

For me it was Archaeologists will date any old thing.

And ‘proofreaders never miss their periods.’

Or a bang :slight_smile:

Electricians do it till it Hz.

Electricians are AC/DC.

Bank tellers do it with interest. Significant penalty for early withdrawal.

Janitors do it dirty, but clean up afterwards.

Snakes do it on the low down.
Pilots do it in the cockpit.

I recall seeing a shirt back in the day (maybe 1983 or so) that said “Divers do it deeper” that made me chuckle.

And typographers do it with character.

Runway models do it with style (so do hairdressers)
Lumberjacks do it with wood
Procrastinators do it later
Accountants depreciate you but collectors appreciate you
Accountants are great with figures
Nurses call the shots