Did anyone catch the Sci-fi stuff after ''The Thing'' last night on TCM?

At least I think it was TCM.

Anyway, when they were talking about “Forbidden Planet,” they used some Shakespearean (I assume) quote about “power” and “sleep.” I didn’t find it in “The Tempest,” so did anyone catch that–and if so what was the quote and its source?

Caught the first 1/2 hour of the special (swityched to the news after that), but missed the quote. Try a Shakespeare quotation dictionary. Heck, there’s probably one on the Web.
From what I saw, a pretty good treatment – for once the people who put it together really did know science fiction and film.

I thought I read somewhere that Richard Schickel was involved (for he does truly know his stuff).

Missed the show but it replays on the 17th & 25th of this month.

This site lets you search quotations:


I tried Shakespeare power sleep and got no results.

You mean the documentary Watch the Skies? I wasn’t impressed. Hardly anything substantial on the Atom Bomb or McCarthy; mostly directors talking about “how cool” their favorite movies were, and long plugs for the new War of the Worlds. Schickel’s usually better than that.

I watched it last night. Toward the end, my exclaimation of “I’ve been suckered into watching a promo for War of the Worlds!” woke my sleeping Significant Other.

Yeah, Schickel pretty much skipped everything from the early 60s to Speilberg’s War of the Worlds. He interviewed Ridley Scott, and included nothing from the scariest alien horror movie ever, just to spend like ten minutes on the minutea of a film that opened a week ago?


Sounds like it’s a good thing I missed the end – there wasn’t much about Spielberg’s WotW in the first half.
And I reluctantly gotta disagree with Eve – there was quite a bit of discussion abnout The Bomb. There wasn’t much about McCarthy, I’ll grant you, but McCarthy is pretty irrelevant to science fiction film of the 1950s, although paranoia (especially about communist or otherwise unnamed baddies) is very relevant, and was discussed.

For the OP: The most commonly quoted sleep passage from Shakespeare is from Hamlet:

Was that it?

Caliban from The Tempest:

Or maybe this?

Nope. Neither one of those. I’ll tape it when it’s on next, and see what the exact quote is.

[Translated]The sleep of reason brings forth monsters by Goya

Hmmm…I like it!