Did anyone else get this email/spam, and what's the deal?

OK. Normally I’m pretty good at sniffing out spam: I don’t want to meet sexy singles in my area, as I have the only one I need; my first name isn’t Iam; I don’t stand to inherit $680 from anyone; I have no desire to increase my cup size 2 inches in a month, etc.

Then I get an email with this as the subject line:

V:: Your posts on Straight Dope”

minus, of course, quotation marks.

Here’s the text of the email:

Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 19:21 EST
From: <e-mail addy deleted>
To: <e-mail addy deleted>

Hey there iampunha,

I wanted to say hello and to invite you to check out link deleted :: We are

an artistic development website that caters to musicians, artists, designers, and
intelligent creatives. This part of the site is our discussion collaboration board.

We are growing and need deep thinkers like yourself to spawn thought for others to run


Also, we are in the process of creating our first issue of our magazine. methodLab

Chronicles:: a lo-fi super meGazine. We are looking for great writers for that as well,

if you are interested perhaps we could work something out, down the road.

Please check it out, and help the community grow with intelligence. We would appreciate

your intellectual assets. We are inviting other intelligent members from straight dope, so

feel free to invite some of your friends, as well.

Travis Wright
method Laboratories
e-mail addy deleted

Main Site
:: link deleted

:: link deleted

Art Gallery
:: link deleted

Submit Your Work
:: link deleted

----- (i.e., this is the end of the email)

Now, usually anyone who takes the initiative to email me signs their dopername (or their actual name, and indicates such) in email. I know of nobody named Travis Wright on here, and the only person I can think of who’s even remotely close (Steve Wright) is nothing at all like this.

So I am temporarily concluding that this is spam. The website this directs me to looks to be little better than a board for 1337 733N5.

Just what … the hell … is this place? I’m not an artist, musician or designer, and I think it’d be a stretch to say I’m an intelligent creative (whatever THAT is).


I didn’t get one of these, hon…of course, it could be because I am not exactly known for my brains. :rolleyes:

Hey, maybe they saw your excellent contributions to Teemings? And they were impressed and thought you would be a valued presence?

Just a thought.

And you ARE TOO an “intelligent creative.”

[sub]Don’t be arguing with me, I’ll smack you. On the cheek.[/sub]

I haven’t got one. I don’t know if I should be relieved not to get more spam than I get already, or crushed that I’m not recognized for my greatness.

I’d say to forward it to one of the Admins. I’m sure they’re not thrilled to have people trolling the boards to get addresses for spamming.

Yes, I got one, too.

I asked my Trek Dopers in a Cafe thread about it and I seem to be the only one (so far) from over there.

I checked out the site, and it is exactly what the e-mail said it was.

I can’t find out how old the MethodLab board is, but, it is indeed a message board for “creative” people.

FWIW, I noticed that one of the members over there is apparantly the same as a new member here. (An OP here worded exactly the same as an OP there.) Doesn’t appear to be a sock or troll or anything like that.

Somebody thinks I’m an intelligent creative too. I figured somebody read my thread about writing and thought I was a writer.

It’s cool. Teeming has first refusal rights to all my meGazine articles though.

Fuggeduboutit…they thought you needed bigger breasts. :slight_smile:

Wow, a lot of threads over there look strangely… familiar

What an odd coincidence that two seperate message boards would have threads titled “a” and “Banning sniper rifles?” and “Noticing underage girls”, and so on.

I didn’t get one of these emails, either… I know you were asking me before about it. As it is, I’m relieved to not be getting spam… not so sure I’d hold up on a message board designed for intelligent creative musical people, anyhow.


Someone posted about that board on here yesterday afternoon (GMT). I assume it’s just a slightly more personal class of unsolicited junk mail.

Hey! They’re reprinting our posts! They aren’t allowed to do that! Mr Zotti! Mr Zotti, look what they’re doing!

I’m really outraged.


This has happened before. I think this may be the first wherein the thief site has tried to lure people over with email.

The spam that was here yesterday was deleted by me.

Since the poster in question has been e-mail spamming it as well, he has been banned pending resolution of this.

If anyone else is getting this e-mail, please forward it to any of the administrators for further action.


I got one. I forwarded it to Lynn and Tuba, along with the username of the poster.

I really hope he is not allowed back.

Does this sound like a repeat of metatus.com to anyone else? Or is the work of a lone nut?

Punha … I have also edited your post to delete links to the site. I didn’t see any reason to give him any publicity.

Yeah, I got it to. I sent a copy to TubaDiva with a ‘wth?’ note.

I got it, sent it to Lynn.

Well I didn’t get one! pout

I’m not worthy! :frowning: