Did anyone else hate "Meet the Parents" as much as I did?

I thought it was the worst movie. I didn’t laugh at all. Everyone I’ve talked to thus far has loved it, though. I thought it was way too ridiculous to be funny - even though ridiculous situations usually are funny. Gay Focker? Please…that’s too much of a stretch. No one’s parents are that lame. I could go on. I just need to know that there’s another soul out there who didn’t love the movie to death.

P.S. Also, am I the only person left on Earth who hasn’t seen “Titanic”? (I’m a teenage girl, too…weird, huh?)

I hated it also. I can’t stand it when scenes of embarassment are used as humor.
Although, the scene at the end, in the airplane, was hilarious!

It really looks like (can I say “$h!t” in IMHO?) in the ads. I am also one big nonfan of embarrassment humor.
I would not have wasted money on “Titanic” either, although to be fair I am not a big moviegoer- I “got” the movie experience early in life; I’ve seen some movies, and when I go see a new movie it’s a lot like all the other movies, so I just go occasionally to please a friend or something.

Oh good! I thought Mrs. Rastahomie and I were the only people who hated this movie.

Yup, it had two funny scenes in it. Count 'em, two. The scene where he destroys the urn with the champaign cork, and the scene where he’s standing there at the airport looking stupid.

I rented it this week. Totally unfunny. I can’t believe it was really that popular. Or maybe there’s just been an overflow of those type of movies and it’s getting old.

Also watched legend of drunken master. That was pretty good. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen Titanic. I don’t plan on ever seeing that film.
I thought MTP was decent. I don’t remember any of the commotion that Modian mentioned, but I didn’t see it until last week.
I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “embarrassment humor”, but it’s a nice change from the Farrelly Bros.™ style. It certainly is better than Dude Where’s My Car and a slew of other, lesser known comedies.

But Martha Focker, that was funny!

Also, I was waiting for him to come to the door with something hanging from his ear from ‘Something ABout Mary’.
That would have been funny.

YES! And a thousand times yes!

My mom and I rented this as a family movie. Everyone left, half an hour in she and I turned to each other and said, well…might as well return it. Dropping it off at Blockbuster I asked if we could replace it with a different movie because my family hated it…the clerk looked at me like I was crazy but let me.

We just don’t do pain=funny I guess. (The other movie we watched as a family that night was much, much better. A Little Romance. Its old, but really really cute and funny with no horrible “laugh at people in pain” stuff)

We went to see it at the $1.99 theater - I think we paid too much. I have no idea why some people were calling it the funniest movie of the year.
I haven’t seen Titanic either, nor do I ever wish to.

I thought some of it was funny when I saw it at the theatre. Besides, I have a soft spot for Robert De Niro (I actually paid to see “Analyze This.”)
Though MTP is definitely not worth renting.

I don’t know if I hated it. I just thought the movie was super dumb. I mostly felt bad for the guy (the whole part where they were at the lady’s ex’s house and they made Gay Focker wear the little speedo; that part of the movie made me want to cry). The part with the cat and the ashes was funny, but the rest of the movie, I thought, was pretty dumb.

OTOH, my brother got the movie for his birthday on DVD and he watches it ALL the time. :rolleyes:

Just rented it for tonight. I don’t want to see it, but the S.O. does. It looks pretty @#$ing stupid to me and I haven’t even seen it yet. I’ll post back her later with a review.

It definately had its moments… (The scene in the airport and plane was really funny.) But for the most part, I was pretty disappointed.

I’m not opposed to any type of humor per se. So long as it makes me laugh. Which this movie, when it did, I’d seen it already in the commercial for the most part.

I’m not usually a big comedy fan, but I thought this movie was freakin’ hilarious. I almost never laugh out loud at a movie, but Mr. Jane, a friend and I giggled uproariously through the whole thing. De Niro was priceless. I wasn’t really keen on watching it, but Mr. Jane brought it home along with some dry drama, and I was already feeling a little somber, so we went with “Meet the Parents”. It wasn’t high art, but it was certainly enjoyable.

Alright. Just got done watching shit.

Ugh. Way, way over hyped. A few funny moments, but not enough to justify the hype. All in all, a very lousy movie. Not my idea to rent it, though. It was the wifes idea. Beat the wife till she begged for death. Going to bed now. Hope my dreams are better than that movie.

You want to know whats real bad? We bought it on recomendations from others. What a piece of crap. I hate it when the trailers do show all of the semi-funny scenes. Oh well, we got it at Costco at least, so it was semi-cheap.