Not only do I not want to see the movie...

…I don’t want to see the frigging ads – that’s how thoroughly you have miscalculated your carefully crafted combination of casting (a couple of old pros of the “who doesn’t love…” persuasion) and schmaltzy story line.

In other words, make The Bucket List disappear ASAP. It makes me ill just to see the poster on a passing bus.

Thank you.

My problem is the title. Anytime I hear it, I see this in my head.

I’m trying to figure out who the target audience for this is, and not getting anywhere.

Really? My parents, 57 and 56 (one retired) are stoked about this movie. Dad’s been talking about seeing it since we saw the ad around Christmas.

I’m 53. See the OP for what I think.

I’m 48. Like I say, I don’t get it. But that’s OK, I’m not a big money Hollywood executive who’s supposed to understand this stuff, and, of course, people can watch what they want.

Seriously, though, I hate “what you would do if you only had a few months to live” movies, because none of them ever seem to have the answer “lie in bed, screaming in pain, and praying for death to come sooner.”

I’m with you on “Bucket List”.

Also “One Missed Call”: You get a phone call. You hear your death. Then You Die..


I actually saw this, and it’s not quite as stupid and schmaltzy as the trailers would have you believe. I’m not sure if I’d recommend it, and maybe I’m being too easy on it, but I liked it. Both actors (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, in case someone hasn’t seen a trailer) are very good, and play off each other well. It’s really more about last-chance friendship than the wacky exploits of two old geezers. None of the “wacky exploits” shown in the trailer happen until way into the movie, and they’re not all that wacky in context. For the whole first part of the film, the story is about these two dissimilar men who are given death sentences. It doesn’t sugarcoat their cancer and the pain and sickness they go through. It brings home how cancer affects rich and poor alike. It comes to those who live a decent, moral life, and those who don’t.

The trailer is very misleading. It makes the movie look like a comedy, when it’s actually a drama with a few comedic moments, most of them shown in the trailer.

That’s interesting. I’ve still got no desire to see the movie, but I appreciate your review. It makes me grumble yet again, though, about how trailers always seem to have to make movies seem funny/heart-warming, regardless of the actual content.

Yeah, that happens in the movie.

I honestly don’t know if it makes it better or worse that they’ve so completely distorted the movie in the advertising.

Me too!

My bf had said he thought it would be good, until we saw the trailer for it before P.S. I Love You (another suckfest). We both agree that it contained some of the cheesiest dialogue we’d ever heard. Especially the part where Jack says something like “We *should * do this; we *need * to do this” a la Col. Jessop’s famous “…you *want * me on that wall; you *need * me on that wall”. I was embarassed for Jack and Morgan.

I know what you guys mean. I expected a comedy myself, and was struck at how serious it was. I liked these characters though. They’re two people who would never have met or hung out in any other context, but they formed a bond because they shared a room for months while trying different treatments, and knew what the other was going through. By the time they both go into remission at somewhat the same time, they’re fast friends. Nicholson’s character, the rich guy, wants to treat Freeman’s character (not poor, as I said above, but lowerish middle class) to things he’s never done before. Even when they’re having their “wacky exploits” (which takes up a very small part of the movie) their sickness and side effects isn’t ignored. I didn’t find the ending sappy because by then I knew the characters and liked them. My eyes glistened a bit, I have to say.

But…but…its got two of the greatest actors of their generation going one on one- its gotta be great, right :rolleyes:

To the movie characters, or to the audience? :dubious:

Try working somewhere where they have the poster for it posted in the break room. Makes me ill everytime I walk in there to heat up my lunch. The mouths where the eyes are supposed to be. Eewwww.


Me too! Every time I see one of those damn billboards I turn to my wife and say “I can has bucket?”

…and Hollywood claims they can’t tell when a movie will bomb! :rolleyes: Sheesh! :smack: How ego-centric can you get! :smack: :smack: :smack:

Hey, maybe it’s a movie about waiting in line at KFC! :smiley: Oops, hope I didn’t spoil it! :wink:

Christ, what is that manner of beast?

For me, it would have to be “27 Dresses.” Ugh. No, I don’t care that Katherine Heigl is a pushover bridesmaid. I don’t think the suave James Marsden is totally sexy. And I really hate Katherine Heigl…I hate her world weary look, I hate that “mysterious and sexy” line–it makes me want to disembowel her and everyone connected with her fame.

I’m 63 and I’ve seen the trailers for The Bucket List a half dozen times and until I read the post by Equipoise I wouldn’t have gone if it was free. Or if I was paid to go unless it was a lot of money. Having read the post by Equipoise, I still won’t got to see it because I really can’t stand watching Jack Nicholson, but I won’t hate it as much.