Did anyone else see the movie ISS?

It came out a few weeks ago and sank like a stone. I saw it the week it came out because the trailer looked intriguing. The premise is the American and Russian astronauts on the ISS come into conflict because there is an unexpected war between them on Earth.

I wanted to like it more than I did. I liked the cast, especially the Russians, but it was just missing something and I did not like the ending (which I won’t spoil here in the OP). Did anyone else see it or was I the only one (which is entirely possible given its box office)?

It’s been on my list since it came out, but other movies have been higher up and there’s only so much time.

I went to The Zone of Interest, The End We Start From, The Sweet East, Sometimes I Think About Dying, Alienoid: Return To The Future, Argylle, She Is Conann, and Totem. I.S.S. never seemed to be above these. It was partly the reviews.

If I movie has universally good reviews or reviews that split between love and hate, it’s probably interesting enough to give a look. But I.S.S. had mediocre reviews, with lot’s of “forgettable” and “cliched” types of assessments. That’s generally a sign that that the movie is not going to be something I hate, but I may forget it as soon as I walk out of the theater (which, to me, is the worst sin a film can commit). Miller’s Girl, which is also on my list, appears to be in the same boat.