Did anyone else take the MCAT today?

My brain’s beyond fried now. It’s not just me, right? :eek:

Oh hell no. I took the French Content Knowledge PRAXIS test this morning. Stringing sentences together for the message board’s as coherent as it’s going to get. Which should make the 10-page paper that I’m writing for Monday all the more interesting. :frowning:

No, but I had to figure out how to treat a nasty case of lower extremity cellulitis all by myself.

Working on Saturday is such a treat! I feel like I’m back in the wild west, giving people silver bullets to bite on and cleaning wounds with whiskey.

A friend of mine did. This is her second time as she has test anxiety.

I took it on this day 11 years ago.

I did really well too. I completely blew away all of my classmates, some of whom had been studying and preparing for over a year. And I hadn’t studied one bit. (It’s not the kind of test you can study for.)

Even more amazing, I only had about 3 hours of sleep the night before. I was up late at my girlfirend’s apartment drinking beer. Then I ran out of gas on the way home, so I walked back to gf’s apartment to get her truck and go to a gas station for a gallon of gas. Then I had to walk back to my car and drive home. I was so anxiety-ridden by the time I got home I couldn’t get to sleep without the help of about 6 Shiner Bock’s my mom had brought back from Texas the week before. I decided before finally going to sleep that I would re-take the exam at a later date, and this first attempt was merely a reconnaissance mission, just to get the feel of things. And I kicked ass!

Oh yeah. IANAD.

My roommate took it a few years ago and got a 14 on the physics and a 13 on biology. He went on to graduate from Harvard Medical School.