Did anyone really say "ginchy"?

While we all knew the word, I think the only time anyone would have used it would have been as ‘movie talk’. Someone acting like Kookie. Any Valley Girls out there? Heck, were there Valley Girls back in the late 1950s? Maybe Edd Byrnes inspired the start of the Valley Girls.


I saw it used a few times in the 1960’s, probably in Mad magazine.

No, I would never say “ginchy”. I say things are “the ginchiest”! But only if they are really nifty.

I don’t think I have ever heard that word. What is supposed to mean? Pronunciation? Root word?

I misread the OP as “grinchy”, to which I said “hell yeah!”. Ginchy? No, but I like it!:slight_smile:

People used “fo shizzle” in real life, I have no doubt people used “ginchy” as well.

As to the definition of ginchy - ginchy - Wiktionary
It appears that it was coined in the 1930’s, so its use in the 1960’s was more of a revival.

Example: Kookie Lend Me Your Comb. Just…just skip to 1:58

I’ll say it on occasion, but only as humor. I’m good for dropping the occasional “groovy” and “swell” into conversations, as well as referring to men as “cats”. Mostly just to keep conversations interesting and light. In fact, to day I believe I will advise someone that they are the ginchiest.

What if they’re merely keen?

I’ve never seen nor heard “ginchy,” but “ginch” was a rude word for “woman” in the sixties/seventies.

Oh never, that would be bogus.

Far out, man!

Never heard or read of of “ginchy” before this thread.

Never heard of that either. Where were you then?


I deliberately worded the post without explanation to see who remembered the word. Actually, I stand corrected, Kookie would have said it this way: “That’s the ginchiest, Dad!”
Nice explanation of the character here:


I know ginchy. I also know crunk.

I don’t recognize the word. But it conjured up a picture of Sally Field as “Gidget”, so maybe she used it at some point?

Ginchy is wickety-wickety-wack.

I wasn’t alive during the 60s but I recognise that usage of the word from Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hell’s Angels.

All I remember is that Zap Comics are squinky comics!

I believe it was in use as fas back as Tudor England. My cite. :wink: