Does anyone actually say "brouhaha" anymore?

'Tis a silly word, methinks. I’m far more likely to use “controversy” or “dispute.”

And you?

It’s such a fun word. I try to use it whenever appropriate (and even when not).

Brouhaha? Ha ha ha ha…

I don’t recollect every actually hearing it. “Hoo-ha”, however, is common parlance.

I hear it used every once in a while, but only in a smart-ass way, never as a natural part of speech.

Sure I do. And I also still use the word “shindig”.

I do. I love using words that have some history behind them. Shindig is another good one.

As is hootenanny! Indubitably!

I use it twice daily, wether I need to or not.

“Brouhaha”, not so much. “Fracas”, a fair bit. “Uproar”, probably too often.

“Rumpus”? Can’t do one without giggling.

“Kerfuffle”? Oooh yeah. Kerfuffle, kerfuffle, kerfuffle.

“Donnybrook”? Oh mercy no. Not since Donny died years ago. Down by the brook, you remember. Caused quite a kerfuffle at the time.

I use is occasionally. I use shindig all the time too.

I use it whenever possible. And if I am involved in the brouhaha in question those who oppose me find themselves refered to as hooligans, vagabonds, or, if they are very unlucky, ne’er-do-wells.

I say as often as possible and try to make sure it’s done with a thick Sean Connery Scottish brogue.

It’s a great word! I love words that are just fun to say, like…Infidel…asinine…antidisestablishmentarianism…hooligan…schmuck

hullabaloo too

I certainly do. It’s one of my euphemisms for “cluster fuck”. And in my line of work, I have frequent need for the PG version of this one.

I use “kerfuffle” too, because I like to keep my (Scottish) manager guessing.

oh ya, you betcha. good word that. using the word sometimes even stops the brouhaha, as those involved stop in their tracks and say: “huh? what!”

I use brouhaha and kerfuffle all the time! They really are fun to say. I also like ruckus.

Brouhaha is a perfectly cromulent word.

I use brouhaha not infrequently, although less often than donnybrook.