Did anyone watch "Monk" over the weekend?

…I did and was favorably impressed. The premis was reasonably novel and the acting was pretty good. At this point, the characters seem a bit sterotypical, but the actors seem to be able to move beyond that.

I did not expect this quality of a program from the USA Network.

I will recommend the program to my friends who enjoy Nero Wolfe and Sherlock Holmes.

Ditto, ditto and ditto.

Tony Shalhoub is rapidly making a case for being the most underrated actor working today.

One good thing about it being on USA – they will air it every chance they get. The website currently gives at least three airings per episode (Fridays, Mondays and Thursdays), and if this is even a moderate ratings success, I’m sure that’ll be increased.

Wah! I missed it! Why I make plans to watch a show that debuts on a Friday night is beyond me.

When will the first episode air again? I really wanted to see it!

Per the USA Network website, the pilot will be shown tonight (Monday) at 10, Wednesday at 5, Thursday at 11, Friday at 3 and next Sunday at 12. And if the ratings are any good, I’m sure they’ll squeeze in a few more.

I was about to search for a Monk thread when I noticed this on the first page. I like how Monk is portrayed as sort of another Columbo with a little Rainman and Sherlock Holmes thrown in.

It already has, 'twas on Sunday afternoon and I think on Saturday as well. I guess you missed them too.

Yeah, I’m not home on the weekends much so, alas, I missed them. I’m going to try to watch the one that airs tonight at ten.

Thanks for the info.

I liked it, but I’m rather upset. They’re airing Monk opposite Farscape. I think that every network must pay attention to my viewing habits, and purposely air at least two (of the six or seven) shows I want to watch every week opposite one another.

[I’m only feeling a little paranoid today]

My wife and I watched it on Friday. We’re officially hooked. Smart, funny, well-written, engaging: everything you want in a TV series. If you aren’t watching it, you’re missing one of the best new shows in quite a while.

He made this case a long time ago. It’s only now that the mainstream is beginning to notice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, not many people know this, but Shalhoub is of Lebanese extraction. He looks generically ethnic, and has played all sorts of types (Italian in Big Night, for example). He’s played an Arab character only once (in The Siege, in which he was the best part). Wouldn’t it be neat, in these troubled times, if the show becomes a hit with a (non-emphasized) Arab-American actor in the lead?

Monk was terrific. I do hope that the captain (Ted Levine) is a regular character, as well as the nurse and her son.

Tony Shaloub? Hey, I watched Stark Raving Mad for him, and I should get a medal for that. And, he was the best thing about Galaxy Quest (not that anybody else in that film was a slouch).

I thought that the character of Monk was great, but the only quibble I had was that the murder story was a little formulaic.

However, I was starting to get worried that I have OCD since I compulsively look for my keys and worry about leaving the gas on.

Sorry, gotta go home and check.

He’s got a ways to go before he passes John Cusack, but I’ll certainly grant you that he’s the most underrated character actor working today. With a little luck, “Monk” will help push him above the title.

I can one-up that. I liked Stark Raving Mad because of him.

And, yes, he’s been underrated for far too long, now.

I hate to hijack my own thread, but I too liked Stark Raving Mad, and I believe that it could have been a mild success if it had been given a better chance, but in hindsight possibly if it had been a success, Shaloub might not be doing Monk.

I so wanted to discuss a couple of great bits done on the show but since JuanitaTech hasn’t seen it yet we would all be doing spoiler windows from here on out. So we will wait until tomorrow. Make a list Juanita there is some good stuff.

Watched it and liked it. Am doubtful that they can sustain it, but am going to watch hopefully anyway…

It was on Thursday night 8:30 on NBC, the best time slot in television.
That’s the best chance a show could possibly get.

I liked Monk. Very nice show. More later once we’re going into details.

I did not watch Monk.

I do, however, have a monk character who has a natural Armor Class of -3 and can do 8d4 damage with an open hand attack. Is that close enough?

Actually, tracer, this Monk is more a GURPS-style character, with about a 16 Int, full eidetic memory, balanced out by about 30 points of mental disadvantages.

A great show, and a fun character sheet.

If your monk character has OCD, sure.

It’s a good thing USA runs their original programming multiple times, I’m caught in the Farscape or Monk trap as well, I usually have to tape Farscape anyway due to my personal schedule.

I just hope the writing stays up to the level of the acting, if so this show could have a long life. With this show and The Dead Zone, USA is finally beginning to gain my respect and loyal viewership. Now if they could just come up with better original programming on SCIFI. They’ve really been cranking out some stinkers over there lately.

Pfft. Cusak almost exclusively plays sensitive dolts who wear their heart on their sleeves and have a trite habit of standing outdoors when its pouring. Shaloub has range. Watch Monk then watch The Man Who Wasn’t There. Two totally different characters. But I digress…

It’s a good show, but there are two things that could potentially ruin it:

  1. I can easily see them overusing his OCD to simulate tension. I mean fer chrissakes, when a woman in a short skirt and high boots is in danger, reach in the poop water and get the goddamn gun! It’s totally within character but I’d rather not see every episode reach a climax where situations force him to once again transiently overcome his anxieties to Save The Day.

  2. The kid. Sharona’s son. Kill him. Now. He’s a generic “obnoxious duh” kid. “Duh! It’s called and echo! Ever heard of it before? Duh!” A few more episodes of this generic child character’s eye rolling and I’m no longer on board.

Loved it. Taped it and watched it again with my husband, and I still liked it. I will tune in again (or at least tape it since it is on at 10PM on Friday night in SoCal).

P.S. Didn’t the campaign manager look exactly like Fabian??? (yes, I know, I am showing my age!)