Did anyone with an NOC not come to Athens?

Is there anyone sitting out this Olympics? Iraq and Afghanistan made it in. Sudan made it. Timor-Leste made it. Palestine made it.

Any sovereign entities, besides the Vatican, not send a team? (And I don’t believe the Vatican is represented in the IOC anyway?)

Well, according to this site, there are currently 202 NOCs. Assuming the alphabetical country listing for the opening ceremonies accurately lists those countries that participated, then the 202 on its list seems to indicate participation by every NOC.

The ceremonies list shows Greece twice, but North Korea (PRK) did not march separetely from South Korea (KOR), so their total should still be correct.

I’m pretty sure that guy who lives on an oil rig off the coast of England didn’t come.

The local commentators here mentionned that no nation refused their invitation for a record 202 participants, so it would seem the answer is “no, everyone showed up”.

That’s a pretty good attendance record then.

Just need the Vatican to get its act together and get some world-class athletes to move in.

I think they’d be pretty good in the walking-on-water event.


I have looked for a list of atheletes by country and sport, without success. If anyone knows of such, would you please post a link

Try this

Before I opened this thread I thought it was going to be a sarcastic question concerning the seemingly minimal number of spectators at some events.