Did anything like the "Freedom Fries" incident happen before?

The minor incident with boycotting French originated items like fries and wine a few years back. Due to France’s unwillingness to participate in the Iraq war . Did anything like that happen earlier in the century? Maybe against German merchandise or against things with german names during WWII?

Saurkraut as “Victory Cabbage” in WWII.

Right cabbage; wrong war. From a World War One site:

I might add actor Norman Kaiser changed his name to Norman Kerry, and actress Marguerita Fischer changed hers to the less-Germanic looking “Fisher.”

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Also it’s happened since. In Iran for a while (possibly still) the pastries-formerly-known-as-“Danishes” were “Flowers of the Prophet Muhammad”.

German Spitz (dog) renamed American Eskimo probably because of WWI - cite, notacite

Another example would be the name change from “frankfurter” to “hot dog” during WWII.

Here are some examples from outside the US.

What we now call “French Toast” was “German Toast” until WWI.

And, of course, Mary Pickford’s and Douglas Fairbanks’ real names were “Mary Bajonettbaby” and “Douglas Mordkrankenschwestern” until 1917.

German shepherd’s got called Alsatians for a while.

They still *are *here, in large measure.

That would explain the age-old question as to why it’s not made from French bread.
…but it’s not made from pumpernickel either.

Salsbury steak for hamburger (WW2)

The thagomizer was originally known as the gruggolator, but Grugg regained favor by alerting Chief Mock to the schtupping of Mock’s daughter Nini by the aforementioned Thag. And the rest is prehistory.

We changed it back to “sauerkraut” back in nineteen dickety two.

During WWI dachshunds became liberty pups. They were also beaten in the streets and pet owners were sometimes encouraged to euthanize them :mad: :frowning: :mad: .

We called it dickety b/c the Kaiser had stolen our word twenty.

From 1953-1958 the Cincinnatti Reds baseball team was known as the “Redlegs” so they wouldn’t be confused with Commie baseball teams.

I have a dim memory from that time that my father tried some fancy new salad dressing and said “Hell, this is just Russian dressing with a different name.”

Cite, please? I believe it’s called “French Toast” because it’s coated with an egg, just like “Chicken French.” Same reasoning behind the name “French Vanilla.”

WWI in Hawaii

The Big Five land/sugar company changed from H. Hackfeld and Co. to American Factors (Amfac)

Honolulu’s main department store was changed from B.F. Ehlers’s to Liberty House (now Macy’s)