Did Chrome frak up my Yahoo IM?

So I tried Google Chrome. First off, let me say this out loud: I don’t like it. I can’t think of one single improvement over Firefox, but I can think of a baker’s handful of things I like LESS about it.

Chiefly, Yahoo IM stopped working at around the same instant I installed Chrome. Now, this may be coincidence, but it literally stopped working at exactly the same time. It wouldn’t sign in. It would start up, go the to the “signing in” animation, and then fail. So I uninstalled it, and tried to reinstall it.

I can’t.

I downloaded msgr10us.exe, as I’ve done a million times before, and tried to run it. I get an error message: Yahoo Messenger is unable to download files needed for installation. Please check firewall settings and retry installation."

The firewall was turned on, and Yahoo IM was listed as one of the exceptions. Nonetheless, I turned off the firewall and tried again. Same error message. I restarted, tried again, same message.

Now I’m stumped. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance as always.

Tried uninstalling Chrome, with and without firewall, restarts all around. Nada.