Did Comedy Central Drop Conan O'Brian?

I noticed last night that Conan wasn’t on in his usual slot on Comedy Central. Instead they had that stupid Trigger Happy TV and Reno 911. He was on as a rerun on Monday but the TV listings show the same Trigger Happy TV and Reno 911 for the rest of the week. Did they drop the show? There is no mention of it that I can find on their website.

I’m disappointed if this is so as both he and Letterman are on too late at night for me to watch. I enjoy being able to catch Conan the following day.

I tuned in tonight and found he wasn’t there. WORSE, freaking Reno 911 was on.

Awhile ago Conan said that NBC was giving the show a break for a couple weeks during the Olympic coverage. I thought that Comedy Central would’ve just played reruns like they often do but maybe not.

Reno 911 is freaking hilarious!

That is all.

They did show reruns throughout the Olympics and up to last Monday.

My brother works for the local newspaper and brings home the next week’s TV listings several days early. Conan’s not on next week’s Comedy Central schedule either.