Did Crowded House ever do a cover of the song "She's Not There" by the Zombies?

I was listening to the Zombies classic, “she’s not there” at work today, and the girl in the next booth commented that it was one of her favourite songs, however she didn’t like that version - she liked the Crowded House version. I’ve never of heard it. I know the santana version, and I’ve heard one or two others, but never the crowded house version. I looked it up on every search engine I could find, as well as Napster and OLGA. Nothing. Is this some ultra-rare bootleg, or has she just mistaken some other band for the legendary Crowdies? Crowded house is one of my favourite bands, and She’s Not There is one of my favourite songs, so if the two ever got together I really need to know…

I just did Napster search, and found 6 hit of “Crowded House - She’s Not There”. Just keep trying, there just happened to be no people logged on sharing it when you did your search.

One filename has “(From The Crossing 1990)” in it. Maybe that’s an album it’s from (I’d do a seacrh on Amazon if I were you), or possibly a movie.

OK, I got bored and went to Amazon.com; it appears there is a movie called “The Crossing” from 1990, so probably the tune is from the soundtrack.

Now, I have a question for you byk; what is OLGA?

Thanks, Revtim. I disconnected and reconnected several times, but got nothing and I couldn’t find anything on the crowded house sites I visited, so I started believing that she had been mistaken.

OLGA - On Line Guitar Archives

A good site for guitar music in chord and tab format.

logged on to napster after writing the last post, and there it is. Now I feel that I’ve wasted a bit of time and look like I didn’t do a very good search origionally…

You didn’t necessarily hose up the search. Could be that there was simply no one logged in yet sharing the song when you originally searched.