Did Donald Trump get eye-tucks or facelift type surgery?

Just curious.

ETA: To me, it looks like it.

Nah, it’s just that every time he molts, he looks brand new for a while.:wink:

Best answer across the board thus far in 2016!:smiley:

I figured the light skin around his eyes was from goggles worn in a tanning booth. Does that sound right to anyone?

That’s how I see it, John. I think he’s got some white around his lips too and I figure that is either from lip balm with SPF or he is getting spray tanned which means he covers his eyes and lips.

Ah, yes. Spray tanning. That’s probably more likely. I had forgotten about that option.

I wouldn’t care if he did or did not. Whatever makes him happy, hell get a tattoo of hillary with her eyes stabbed out for all I care, would be funny though.

Agreed, but his ass is SOOO fired!

He can’t fire me, I QUIT!!!

Not only does it look like a spray-tan, but it’s a BAD one. Like a DIY spray-tan. Compared to him, Snookie has the natural look.