Did Dr. Hook ever make the cover of the Rolling Stone?

Some interesting details and a fun story about it here. They did get their five copies.

It was in fact printed in the Random Notes column shortly after the issue in question: “Yes, they bought five copies for their mothers.”


“Ah got a freaky ol lady name 'a Cocaine Katy who embroidries on mah jeans…”


Also, I don’t know if it’s been mentioned or is pertinent, but Shel actually searched a long time before he found just the right band for his tunes.


(Don’t touch me.)

I could swear they were on it twice!

Just wanted to remark that I own this album. It’s only so-so as a musical thing, but as a piece of history it’s right up there with Ultimate Spinach and The Fugs.

That sounds like us.

Good one, KTK!

Unfortunately, I saw this great band In Carrollton, Georgia at a time when their finances sucked. They played a wonderful set of all their hits and were very gracious afterward. Too bad that now they’re at odds.