Did GEICO really make a one hand innuendo?

GEICO commercial with the Gecko.

Some guy thinks he set a world record. Lizard and and his buddy check the records and say he didn’t.
Lizard is running his mouth as usual about GEICO.,

Dude says, “what if I told you I used one hand?”

Lizard and his buddy looked shocked, even stunned into silence, and started flipping through the book.

Was that an innuendo for what I think it was? :stuck_out_tongue: on tv? :wink:

I think this the same thing every time I see this commercial, fwiw.

Personally, I never thought of it that way. I just figured it was joke about ridiculous sports stats, like “Smith bats .248 in the month of August against pitchers born in Wisconsin.”

Yes they did. And I missed it until now. Thank you.

It would only make sense as an innuendo if people usually use both hands for it rather than one.

How many hands do you use?:dubious:

The joke usually goes the other way. Somebody is doing something routine that usually requires two hands, and he shocks someone (a girl) by saying he’s only using one because the other is uh, busy.

can’t think of a specific joke. but I’ve heard this joke from guys since I was too young to understand what it meant.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. The fact that Gecko’s assistant almost immediately starts flipping through the book looking for the one-handed record (indicating that there is in fact such a category) made the whole joke seem like a riff on “bats right, bats left, etc.”

…wanders over to the ‘things I realized about a creative work after the thousandth time’ thread…

It sounds like they could do a mashup of the two different types of commercials they have running.

[Announcer walks up to the camera]
Can GEICO really save you 15% or more on car insurance?

Did GEICO really make a one hand innuendo?
[cue the rest of the lizard commercial]

What is the sound of one hand fapping?

I’d have to see it to know what I thought, but I can’t find it on YouTube yet.

I just figured he was trying to find a category he could win in…“only one hand”, “closing one eye”, “back turned to the computer”…

Found the commercial.

I guess those years in my iunior & senior high school locker room had an effect on me. We were always joking about raunchy stuff. This commercial triggered an old, almost forgotten memory of those jokes. YMMV

I picked up on the ‘only using one hand’ line the first time I saw the commercial. But since masturbating over Geico’s rates is really too absurd I thought that either the joke was really lame, or else it was a ‘What if I told you I did it with one hand tied behind my back’ style of thing.

I think they just spawned “Harassing the Gecko” as the new Verbing the Noun euphemism.

The caller remarkably is not suffering from any shortness of breath - so I’m guessing it’s just the absurdity of speeding up the process of getting a good insurance rate quote by using “only one hand”, as well as the silliness that there should be a ‘record’ for such a thing.

My idea, presented here because I already dislike it enough to never want to actually see it:

[Announcer walks up to the camera]
Can GEICO really save you 15% or more on car insurance?

…Does being the star of a successful commerical series affect an actor’s ego? No. So buzz off, you worms, while I prepare for yet another amazing performance."