Did he do it? The Practice...

Anybody see The Practice last night? Damn, I love that show. I never could decide if the guy killed his wife or not, even if he did pass the polygraph. And I really liked the way they did the show this time, with the interviews. And the ultimate clincher… when the interviewer asked the judge what she thought, was it the right result. And she said she didn’t know…

So what do y’all think?

I agree, this is (usually) a great show. I especially loved the storyline with the John Larouquette character. ummmmm.

Anyhow. this guy. Personally, I think he did. Bobby gets caught up in personal friendships and doesn’t always have his radar on. I think a woman who, tho depressed, has just told her husband that she wants a divorce (he admitted this) doesn’t then walk downstairs after their fight and commit suicide. Accidental death is impossible since the hose was connected to the tailpipe.

anyhow, that’s my opinion. we shall see how they play it out.

I’m torn: part of my thinks he’s innocent, that is to say, that he didn’t do it; part of me thinks he did and that it’ll all come out in the wash. The way I think it’ll play out is this: over time or maybe all at once, something will slip. This will ahppen about the same time Bobby becomes a father. if you remeber the interviews, whats-her-face said something about the likelyhood of Bobby losing his edge for defense council once he has a child. I think that was said on purpose, forshadowing something.

There was, in my opinion a glaring problem with the episode.

If the wife had died of CO poisoning, it would’ve shown concentrated levels of CO in the blood during autopsy. If the wife had died of blunt-force trauma, her autopsy would not have shown CO in the blood, because she never would’ve breathed any in. The suicide scene could’ve then been staged, with the hose from the tailpipie to the window, and whatnot, for the police to see.

The fact that they DID NOT EVEN MENTION an autopsy, especially in a case wherein the cause of death is disputed, is really rather pathetic on the writer’s part. They obviously needed to leave it out to make the story work.

I mean, normally, we are led to believe that Bobby is smart enough to understand these issues.

Ivar, thr prosecution theory is that he hit her over the head to knock her out (vs. kill her) then put her in the car to simulate suicide. then, the CO levels would be accurate either way.

The question is "did she hit her head PRE or POST CO level. and since the defense is that she was slightly alive when he got to the car and she fell out, hitting her head then, an autopsy wouldn’t proove either (as far as I can see).

The blood in a bruse will show if it was contaminated with CO. If the bruse was formed before the CO was entered into the bloodstream it will not have high amounts of CO in it. Learned about this from a Dr. OK it was Quincy MD. MTS

All I know is, this guy’s like the eighth friend of Bobby’s to be arrested for murder. The man’s the Boston equivalent of Jessica freaking Fletcher!

I love the practice, but this episode kind of annoyed me.

First of all, this story line didn’t really engross me. We’ve seen murders before. I’m sorry if it’s the cynical side of me talking, but this one really didn’t seem all that interesting. Certainly not enough to warrant 3-4 episodes on it as one of the main story archs. Man kills wife. Man claims to be innocent. Bobby fights zealously. We’ve seen it before. What’s new?

Secondly, I didn’t like the guy as an actor. I thought he was annoying. Just MHO.

Third, if I hadn’t seen anything else, if I hadn’t read anything about the case, if I had been a member of the jury only seeing that case, there would be no way in hell I would vote anything but Guilty. Bobby did not present a good case at all.
On a side note, just how many cases can Helen (and sometimes Richard) lose again and again and again to Bobby, et al, before getting fired? All we see them do is lose! If the story has us involved in them as characters, then they have to win eventually or we see them as chumps. If we don’t care about them, then for God’s sake, rotate the ADA’s around a bit so they aren’t always the same ones losing.