I Like The Practive Again.

Boy was the whole Lyndsay stalker / Bobby murder thing a drag! I stopped watching it a couple seasons ago just because of that.

So, I just randomly caught the season premiere last night, with James Spader as the new member of the law firm. Great episode all around. The shooting of the drug dealer was gripping.

My confidence is restored.

Uh, was that a spoiler? I sure hope not, since I haven’t watched my tape yet…

Naw, that didn’t give anything away that you wouldn’t have gotten from the commercials.

BTW, for Doper lawyers: can judge’s REALLY limit a defense to that degree/call mistrail if his instructions are ignored?

Can someone explain the story line regarding the vagrant?
It seemed like he and his daughter lived in tenement housing, yet they talked about a civil suit involving a home-owner’s policy.
Was that Spader’s swimming pool, and why were they all there?

Good episode. I’m going to really like the new paralegal.

I liked it, too.

Yes, that was Spader’s pool. They were there because he wanted to talk to Spader about losing his shoes, and while he was waiting, he let his daughter take a swim (her first ever, he said).

The home-owner’s policy thing was dreamed up by Spader to get a good settlement for the vagrant. There isn’t one.

I totally agree with the OP. I’ve been ignoring The Practice for a season and a half, but James Spader has rekindled my interest. Also, they got rid of the most annoying cast members (Bobby, Lindsay, and Marla Sokoloff). I think it just might have a chance.

Did I miss something in the first episode, though? There wasn’t an insurance policy at all?

Y’know, I assumed that Alan “Shawr” (Is that Shaw or Shore?) was making the policy up, then I wasn’t sure.

Anyone else wonder if the black woman calling for the people to rise up & take back their streets was supposed to be scary because she’s black? For what it’s worth, I agree with her. Eugene & Jimmy looked a bit disturbed by her speech, but maybe that’s knowledge that they may have to try more cases like this one!

I agreed with her, too. But I think Eugene and Jimmy might have recoiled because people could perceive that she was flaunting the fact that she was a recipient of jury nullification. That could make them, as friends of the court, look bad.

I’ve been watching The Lyon’s Den instead. Should I start watching The Practice again? The decimation of the cast at the end of last season sort of made me assume this season would be bad.