Somebody help me get caught up on The Practice!

I was a fairly loyal fan of The Practice for quite a while. I just discovered the show a few years ago and watched it every Sunday. Then they moved it to Monday nights when I was in class, so I wasn’t able to catch it anymore. It’s a real shame, because I thought the show was just getting really good.

They just recently moved it back to Sunday nights again, so I caught the most recent episode. What happened? Half the cast is gone, including the senior partner, his wife and the DA. Plus, they got this new character played by James Spader (where have I heard of this guy before) who’s just a slimeball.

So basically, what happened in the second half of last season to lead up to where it’s at now?

Trying to shake the rust out of my memory here…

Lindsey killed a client, got off, left the law for a while. Then came back to open her own office across the hall, had an interesting mental health murderer case, meanwhile:

Bobby had an affair with a client or old girlfiriend or both, totally his fault, Lindsey busted him kissing her and they we’re gonna get divorced. Bobby and Lindsey were growing more and more distant, cause you know how cold bobby is, and he never communicates.
Bobby was having ethical problems advocating for his clients.

Eugene kicked ass as usual.

Jimmy got fatter and made some bumbling mistakes.

Eleanor stayed angry.

Rebecca did nothing/harmless as usual.

The receptionist (Marla Sokoloff) remained my girlfriend, although she seemed to be less obnoxious.

So Bobby figured out that he was fried, So did Lindsey, they left, good riddance, we were all getting a little tired of them. (now it occurs to me I missed the season finale-someone should fill us in).

They brought in James Spader to be creepyand have no ethics; and my other girlfriend to replace the receptionist. I hope James Spader spanks her like he did the girl in “Secretary.”

Is she brittish? She was american in “the life of david gale” and what else has she been in?

James Spader, I think, is gonna make us believe in humanity again, cause his first case was with that homeless guy he called “honorable” and he almost cried when the guy thanked him. He’s a scumbag, but deep down he cares about people (we want to believe anyway).

I have some concerns about this show, I think maybe David E Kelly isn’t doing his best work lately, I’m gonna stick with it for a while and see.

Thank goodness Mr. Tortured, Mrs. On-Edge, and Ms. Walking-stick are gone. Can’t say I miss Rebecca much (yet another self-righteous type) and Lucy’s shtick was getting old.

I’d given up on the show but started again because they kept the best of the cast, plus I like James Spader (sex, lies and videotape) a lot, and he was hilarious–I hope his “redemption” arc doesn’t soften his edginess too much. Rhona Mitra was the sexy neighbor in Hollow Man but doesn’t have too many notable credits yet. And yes, she’s a Brit.

Rhona Mitra is cool. I was surprised when I saw her name in the creidts.

Rhona Mitra is cool. I was surprised when I saw her name in the creidts.

Argh! Stupid lying machine!

I’m glad you opened this thread, Lord Ashtar! I’m in a similar situation, and I too am trying to get caught up. That was a great summary, Greck. Thanks!

(I never card much for Spader, going all the way back to Wall Street and before. But I must admit that this new role was really made for him.)