Has "The Practice" jumped the shark? SPOILERS

I thought they were up on skis a long while ago with the Ally McBeal crossover where they were defending the woman who said she was Lizzie Borden in a previous life. They were definitely on the ramp with the whole George Vogelman in nun garb serial killer plot nonsense, and when a show adds a kid it almost always spells trouble–and “The Practice” added two at the same time! I was watching last week and it was a repeat of an ep I’d missed the ending of before. Ellie’s defendant acquits himself extremely well serving as his own lawyer, then all of a sudden he’s killed the security guard and taken Ellie hostage and escaped?!? And the week before that we’re supposed to believe that Joey Herrick, who confessed under oath to pre-meditated murder, has been admitted to the bar? next week the firm is set to defend “Hannibal Lecter”?!? Is the Fonz in the air on this one? Does anyone else think this show’s in serious rudderless trouble?

I agree. I hardly ever watch any more. . . and can’t say I miss it.

The Practice on balance lost it for me when the lawyers stayed silent while the DAs got a child molester plea guilty for a crime that never occured.