Did hench - men for Elvis assasinate Bobby Fuller?

My mom is a huge fan to the Bobby Fuller Four and one day she told me a wacky conspiracy theory that Elvis Presley had his hench - men kidnap Bobby Fuller and take him out to the desert and make him overdose. Can this possibly be true?

Thank You

I guess anything is possible, but it sound preposterous. What possible threat was Fuller to Elvis?

Well Chuck, why are you so quick to put Elvis on a throne of pure innocence. Elvis was the best at rock and roll only because nobody better was around at the same time. Think about it, what if Elvis created the sound and Bobby Fuller perfected it? I know that would make me incredibly upset, not to mention the fact that I would be loosing millions of dollars and my life would be ruined. Also Bobby Fuller’s family and friends swore he never did drugs and if I remember history right I think Elvis might have had a few drug connections somewhere in his little black book.

Lorraine Fuller discovered her son Bobby’s body lying across the blood-stained
front seat of her Oldsmobile on july 18,1966. Hollywood Police found a rubber
syphoning tube in the car and a book of matches next to the body. He was naked
from the waist down with his pants at his ankles.Traces of dried blood lingered
on his chin and right eyebrow.His face and chest exhibited bruises as if he had
been beaten,although not to death.His hair and clothes reeked of gasoline
apparently from an empty gas can found in the backseat. Police in the insuing
investigation did not dust the car for fingerprints,did not impound the car and
threw the gas can in a nearby trashcan.

Official cause of death: Suicide

Bobby’s Girlfriend,Melody,a high-priced call girl and former lover of a club owner
reputed to have mob connections,disappeared shortly after Fuller’s death and
hasn’t been seen since.

The LAPD was also busy burrying it’s beloved Police Chief. No one was availble
to look into the death after all,he was just another rock-n-roller.

Doesn’t sound plausible to me, either. How many hits did Fuller have. I can only think of “I Fought the Law,” and if memeory serves he died the same year it became popular. Many other singers had achieved much greater success than he had at that time, and they weren’t offed. I don’t know why Elvis’ cohorts would have perceived him as a bigger threat than the others.

Dude, you’ve got it all wrong. Elvis killed KENNEDY.

Because Kennedy killed Monroe? :smiley:

Fuller had another hit with,“Let Her Dance”
This guy was destined for stardom and the cops swept his death under-the-rug.

Where’ve you been, lambchops? Everybody knows Elvis teamed up with JFK to kill Bubba Ho-Tep.