[Did Hitler ban gun ownership?]

Did Hitler Ban gun ownership?

I appreciate you tackling this topic & seeking some balance. All too often people with an agenda fail to even try. If its not one-sided, they fail to get enough information, or work thru the issues sufficiently. Then too, its easy to get in above ones own level of expertise & many just Pretend in arrogance that they know better. So for those looking for more information than Cecil wanted to provide [research does take time], I would like to save others some time:

Adolf Hitler And Gun Control: What Did Hitler Really Say, And Do, About Gun Rights?


Snopes - Politics Quotes - Hitler - To Conquer a Nation

Fake Quote Files: Adolf Hitler on Gun Registration, Conquest and Disarmament


Adolf Hitler about gun control

Yes, Hitler Really Did Take Guns [From Jews] Before Throwing Jews into Concentration Camps (or Gas Chambers)


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Did Hitler ban gun ownership?