Did I just have a stroke or something?!?

Mundane? Yup. Pointless? Yup.

I was looking for my water bottle, which I thought I had left on the kitchen counter after rinsing it out, but it wasn’t there. So I went back to my desk, thinking maybe I brought it there and just forgot. But I did more that that. Evidently, I filled it up with spring water from the cooler, then brought it back to my desk, although I can’t remember doing anything other than rinsing it and setting it on the counter.

I must need sleep.

It was elves… They help out when you’re not looking.

Either that or you have a particularly helpful poltergeist!

Ah… we call that the “where did the other half of my sub go?” phenomenon.

Working long, long, loooooonnng days on a show. We got yummy subs so we could eat quickly on set. My housemate suddenly looked around very grumpy and said with an accusing tone: “Hey! Where did the other half of my sub go???”

Another technician said: “Uh, … you ate it.”

It’s just some kind of brain cramp when you start thinking ahead of yourself and then get something done while you’re on “auto-pilot”. When you stop daydreaming and come back to the moment, you think you still have to do the task you accomplished while on auto-pilot.

Hate it when that happens.

Alternatively, yeah, it’s the elves.

I have lawn gnomes, not elves.

That happenes when I drive somewhere I go routinely. Sometimes, my brain wakes up mid-drive and I think I’m lost, but really, I’m right on track it’s just that I’ve never paid attention before.

Maybe that’s why I’ve had 5 car accident in as many years. Not to mention all my tickets.

I am the worst driver on the planet.

My moments occur in the shower. Usually about once a month or so in the middle of my morning routine I cant remember where I left off. Did I wash my hair yet?
Im too young for stuff like this!!

I apparently showered, dressed and went back to sleep one morning.

I woke up wet, fully dressed and smelling of hair gel.

Either that or I had a REALLY good night but can’t rmember it :frowning:

Pour the cold water on your head, and you should be alright.

Heh. I use to do this all of the time. I’ve gotten better, but it was annoying as heck. I blame it on the fact that mornings for me are usually a rushed affair. This is due mostly to that sweet, sweet crack cocaine of the bedroom, known as the snooze button. I lurves me some snooze. Anyways, I usually leave myself roughly half an hour to shower, primp, get dressed, primp some more, make and drink coffee, and then make a mad dash to the bus stop.

In the course of these events, sometimes things get forgotten, or, more accurately, I forget to remember. To tell you the truth, I’m just grateful that I’m forgetting if I’ve washed my hair or not, as opposed to forgetting to put on pants. You only make that mistake once.