Did I just hear the "Tetris theme" in Gilligan's Island?

I was just watching the episode where Gilligan’s look-alike comes to spy on them. At the point where Gilligan frees himself from ropes and catches his double in the closet, a chase scene begins. I could swear I heard pieces of Tetris music (“Korobeiniki”) interspersed with bits of the show’s theme song during the chase.

Did my ears deceive me, or is that what I heard?

Probably. Considering you know its name and it’s a traditional Russian song, then of course it will be used everywhere. Its familiarity is partly why it would’ve been used for Tetris.

You’ve probably hear a lot of the tunes from Lemmings in various places too.

Its familiarity and its public-domainness. Which of course also appealed to the Gilligan’s Island producers.

Can you find a clip?

The episode is called Gilligan vs Gilligan and was the second episode of season 3. I couldn’t find a clip though.

I have the compete set of DVDs, and yes it is.

I haven’t seen that episode in about 30 years, but I thought it was Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance playing during the chase scenes. The only reason I recall it at all is that we used to play the Sabre Dance in my high school orchestra.

Nope. There’s another Russian-sounding piece throughout the first two-thirds of the episode, but I don’t recognize it and suspect it was written specifically for the show.