Did I miss the "How was your Halloween?" thread?

If so, please excuse my duplication. If not, how was your Halloween?

Mine was all right. I dressed up as a pro wrestler at work and a cow-orker was my sexy manager. We didn’t win the costume contest but at least this year the costumes that beat us were decent.

I overslept on my pre-going out nap so I didn’t have time to put on the costume I was planning on (and I’m not telling what it was so it will sound fresh for next year) so I ended up slipping into some basic black and slapping on a mask. Went out to the local bar in time for the costume contest. Best group went to the Addams Family and best single went to a guy in a home-made Optimus Prime costume (he was about nine feet tall in costume). A guy I know online who was bitter about never winning the costume contest didn’t win the costume contest. He was the Terminator and he looked great.

This guy who I went out with a couple of times and who I have told several times that I don’t want to talk to him kept trying to talk to me. Apparently, my saying “don’t talk to me” and then never speaking when he speaks to me is too subtle for him. I ran into this guy Lee who I met a few weeks ago and he had his own “leave me alone” guy. Amazingly, my “leave me alone” guy and Lee’s “leave me alone” guy fell into each other’s orbits and Lee and I left together. Definite win-win. We went out and bought frozen pizzas at the 24-hour grocery (did I mention Lee was dressed as a caveman and had somehow lost his underwear in the course of the evening?) at 4 in the morning, went back to my place and ate pizza between make-out sessions. All in all a good night.

So far I’ve spent about $20 on post-Halloween sale merchandise. Gotta start planning for next year, right?

Here in Topeka I spent the evening in church! But not at worship. Each year the library sponsors an event called “Silents in the Cathedral”. A big movie screen is erected in the chancel, and the silent movies are accompanied by the big pipe organ. This year there were two comic shorts, one Laurel and Hardy, and one Our Gang. Both were hilarious. The feature attraction was “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, a truly weird film.