What are you gonna be for Halloween?

So I think I really confused the Brazilian dishwasher at work today when I showed up in my daytime costume as a sock-hopper. Tonight I have a variety of costumes to choose from: stuffing a trench full of stuff and going as Winona Ryder, wearing a business suit and staggering around with my friend as Patsy and Edina from Ab Fab (we’d have an excuse to get drunk…method acting,) or finding some other excuse to wear one of the formal gowns I have hanging sadly in my closet.

The best costume I ever came up with was about two years ago. I wore a black pageboy wig, black pants and a fitted white buttondown shirt with a hypodermic needle attached to my chest with fake blood. I was Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction.

So what about yall?


I joked to a friend that I was going to dress up as Hannibal Lecter.

Well, today I WAS a gypsy. I had the whole gold bangles, the huge hoop earings, the scarves attached to my hair and the poofy skirt I made from curtains, the 4 anklets…low cut shirt. I walked around with no shoes on and everything.

If you want to wear a formal gown… you could be a manican.

I’m simple. I have no Ideas… although today one of my freinds was a burn victim(he put liquid-sprayon plastic all over his chest, and when it dried it actually looked like burnt skin. It was very cool.
one of my OTHER freinds was a colombian drug overlord. He had a trenchcoat, big sunglasses, and a fedora.

I was a mime once. You could be that…

I went to our company Halloween party dressed as Rogue from X-Men. Out of about 65 employees, only two knew who I was. I got lots of compliments on the outfit, though.

I’m back in my jeans and T-shirt right now, but I still have the white stripe in my hair.

I wore a red hat, sprayed orange hair-coloring on my hair (it didn’t show up very well; guess my hair’s too dark for that to work), wore a yellow shirt, green skirt, blue nylons and purple shoes and carried a plastic cauldron with gold-foil wrapped candy in it. I was supposed to be a rainbow but everyone kept asking “What’s that, a leprechaun?”

Everyone loved my shoes though. They were white shoes, and I colored them with purple fabric-paint markers. Even my dentist (I got a temporary crown put on this afternoon) loved the shoes.

I’m going as a vampire for…lessee…at least the fourth time. This year, I sprung for a good pair of fangs (whoops, need to go refit them), and decided to something slightly different. I’m wearing a basic black dress and strappy high heels, with my regular dressing-up-to-go-out makeup, plus my fangs. The general idea is an incognito vampire, with the explanation of “By the time you know, it’s too late.”

Nothing… I’m sitting here in my nightgown.

Somehow I decided that pregnant prom queen would be the best idea. I have big Prom hair, a tiara, and am wearing a gown and have made a sash that says “Prom Queen.” Oh, and a pillow I made out of spare fabric stuffed into the panty hose.

My (gay male) friend decided that he doesn’t know what he wants to be, but he knows it involves his roommate’s lavender wig and one of my dresses. To quote Will and Grace tonight: “It’s Halloween! That’s like the gay high holy day!”

Well, it’s 4:25 in the a.m., and Halloween is over, I guess (at least, that’s what the producer told me when I showed up still in costume). Now, I believe the name is “Snidely Wiplash,” although I’m sure the character existed in silent films before the cartoons came out. I’m the villain from those old silent movies that would tie girls up and leave them in front of trains. Got a black suit, vest, top hat, cape, line of rope, and even shaved most of my beard off to get the facial hair right. Of course, I still had to draw the accentuated curley mustache, but overall, I’m very proud of this one.

Lot less effort than the pinata I went as last year. And I look DAMN sexy.


Lot’s of fun; Baseball hat said: No more Enrons, This year I’m voting Democratic. Head, feet, black body and track shoes; sort of combined the acrobatic slam dunk monkey look. :smiley:

I went to work yesterday dressed as an angel. White flowing gown, little white halo, big white wings, the whole bit. One of my co-workers literally screamed “HAH! I DON’T THINK SO!” when she saw me.

That’s a success, in my book.

I took a cue from yesterday’s Foxtrot comic strip. I made a monitor out of cardboard, painted it beige, and made a screen out of blue cellophane. I wore that on my head, and wore a black robe as well.

I was “The Blue Screen of Death”.

Since the party I went to was populated almost entirely by tech geeks, everyone loved my costume.