Did I screw up? (Another Netflix thread)

They say you’re only supposed to stuff 2 DVDs max in one envelope. They say a lot of things, though.

I did this Monday night…and still they haven’t received my 3 DVDs. Did I break Netflix?

I’ve stuffed up to 3 DVDs in one envelope before, it wasn’t a problem.

Keep in mind, the USPS was on holiday yesterday, so expect mail times to be longer than usual.

:smack: Veteran’s Day? I always forget about that one…

Y’know, you can check to see if they received your disks. Go to Your Account, then click on DVD Rental Activity. You’ll get a list of all your disks and the dates they were shipped / returned.

I stuff 4 movies in an envelop all the time. Never had a problem.

Oh, I already checked online to see if they received my discs–and they haven’t, that’s why I was posting this thread.

Re: A Veteran’s Day and Netflix tale. Sent in Monday, got there Tuesday, new disc sent out Tuesday, got here today (Wednesday). So (my local) Netflix was sending and receiving mail on Tuesday. No delay in this instance.

why not use 1 envelope for 1 dvd

Well, in my case I sent it late Monday night, so it would’ve been picked up on Tuesday. If the mail had been working. And I suppose sometimes in general they don’t process things right away. They’re usually really good but on the rare occasion, there’s lag. I won’t freak out till tomorrow.

The reason I don’t just do one per envelope is that I’m lazy and it’s easier to stuff two or three in one envelope.

Because you might lose one, or rip it, or get it wet, or whatever.

Netflix processes returns by hand, so it doesn’t really matter. You can probably send them in a plain white envelope if necessary. I’ve got two queues set up, and I’ve stuffed one DVD from each into one envelope, and they got processed properly.