Did Jackie Suspect LBJ of Killing JFK?

I heard a major network was to release a tape of Jackie’s suspicions tha LBJ was actually behind the killing of JFK. What’s the SD on this?


I have never heard this before. If there was a recording of Jackie saying that you think we would have heard it by now…

Jackie recorded an eight-hour interview with Arthur Schlesinger in 1964. She did not intend for the tapes to be made public until 50 years after her death, but her daughter Caroline has agreed to release them next month. She made a deal with ABC News giving them first crack at the tapes. The contents of the tapes is a matter of speculation. See a news story here. One of the rumors flying around is that in the tapes, she blames LBJ, the FBI, and a group of Texas businessmen for her husband’s assassination. That’s just an unfounded rumor as far as I know.

The deal Caroline Kennedy made was she would break the 50 year embargo now in exchange for the History Channel not airing the controversial tv miniseries about her parents, despite the series being broadcast overseas already. The History Channel is owned by A&E, which is owned by Disney. Disney also owns ABC, hence the connection.

Of all the conspiracy theories, this one makes the most sense:
-LBJ had a big interest in making sure the Vietnam War continued_Texas had the General Dynamics fighter plane business
-LBJ had many CEO friends whose firms made tons of money off the war
-LBJ was notoriously corrupt-his friend John Connolly acknowledged that LBJ won his senate election through ballot box stuffing

The animosity between LBJ and the Kennedys is well documented. LBJ hated the prissy ivy league crowd. He was insecure about his own basic education.

Several documentaries mentioned LBJ loved having meetings while he was on the toilet. He got a kick out of seeing Bobby Kennedy squirm at those uh, smelly meetings.

Kennedy had a big interest in making sure the Vietnam war continued too. He was a major anti-Communist and Cold Warrior, and didn’t want to be the one who lost Vietnam. If anything, JFK was more hawkish than LBJ, who, if you listen to his private conversations, played Hamlet about US involvement in the country.

Besides, pulling out of Vietnam/withdrawing the advisors would have been horribly unpopular in 1963. People would be asking, “Why are we abandoning a US ally to the Soviets and their North Vietnamese puppets?”

LBJ was corrupt, no doubt, and he didn’t like the Kennedy family, no doubt (and they returned the favor). But there’s a pretty big gap between that and "LBJ was part of a secret cabal of Texas industrialists who arranged the assassination of the President so that they could continue profiting off a war.

When the tape recordings of LBJ’s phone calls were first released I recall hearing one of a conversation between Jackie Kennedy and LBJ. I was amused by how the two flirted with one another. There was obvious affection between them. I can’t find that recording on line but here is a link to the first recorded call between them:

Now there’s a motive. Cherchez la femme!

I recall a documentary on History channel about the first days after JFK’s death. There was several LBJ calls where he ranted about the Kennedy’s taking over. He was very paranoid someone might take him out next.

It seems the paranoia went both ways. Both sides suspecting the other meant harm.

IMNSHO, I would not have put it past LBJ to have been involved in some manner, up to and including spearheading it.

That is very helpful and adds much to this discussion. Thank you for your input.

Oh, give him (her?) a break. LBJ is generally remembered as being a crook of the first order. The only question is did he draw the line at stealing elections, or was he willing to go all the way, so to speak.

So, basically, like the others, none.

At the time of the Kennedy assassination, the U.S. involvement in Vietnam was not a big deal.
Despite some claims by Kennedy associates after the war had become unpopular, there is no serious evidence that Kennedy had any intention of pulling out at the time of his death.
There was no serious deployment of General Dynamics planes in Vietnam at the time of the assassination and all the "CEO"s who “made tons of money” were not threatened, in any way, by Kennedy’s presidency.
Regardless how corrupt LBJ might have been, there is still nothing to connect him to any assassination plots.

This stuff is silly and it really has no bearing on the topic of this thread–the opinions of Jackie Kenndy Onassis regarding LBJ.

But surely you don’t think he was, right? I hope you don’t. Oswald did it.

A few things to consider, IF you believe that LBJ was behind the Kennedy assassination,

  1. Why did LBJ repeatedly undermine the Warren Commission? If LBJ were behind the assassination, wouldn’t it be in his interest to bolster the Warren Commission’s findings whenever possible? Instead, LBJ regularly told friends and confidantes that the Kennedy boys, Jack and Bobby, were running “a goddamn Murder Incorporated in the Caribbean” and was convinced that Castro took out JFK in pre-emptive self-defense.

  2. Why do the tapes of LBJ’s conversations show such a LACK of enthusiasm for the Viet Nam war on LBJ’s part? Why is LBJ NEVER recorded saying “Yeehaw, hot dang, we’re gonna start a big war in Viet Nam and make a lot of money for General Dynamics?” In reality, almost from Day One, LBJ seemed hesitant, confused and unsure. Whenever he talked to people he trusted, like Richard Russell, LBJ said candidly, “It’s a mess, it’s just a mess, and I don’t know what to do.”

In all seriousness, this is probably the most plausible scenario. After the Bay of Pigs, Castro would have been a fool not to be paranoid about what the US government might be planning.

No, the most plausible scenario is that Oswald shot Kennedy all by himself.

Kennedy escalated American involvement in Vietnam throughout his administration. If I was part of some secret cabal that wanted a bigger Vietnam War, why would I kill Kennedy? For all I know, Johnson might pull out of Vietnam - it’s not like he was more pro-war than Kennedy was when he was VP.

And here’s another big problem with this theory. If Kennedy was assassinated by some conspiracy within the American government, why did they kill him in the middle of a parade? A government conspiracy would have been able to get to Kennedy anywhere. They would have killed him when he was at the White House or Camp David where there no witnesses around and made it look like an accident or medical emergency.

Let me add, I do NOT believe that Fidel Castro was behind JFK’s assassination. I merely point to evidence that LBJ himself DID believe it (and he wasn’t crazy to think so- he knew how much reason the Kennedys had given Castro to want them dead).