Did Jaco Pastorius sleep with Joni Mitchell?

On the albums Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter and Hejira, Joni Mitchell’s voice and guitar is accompanied by the sensual bass lines of the great Jaco Pastorius. His bass sings and howls with ecstasy and mystery, almost as if the musical styles of Mitchell and Pastorius are interlinked in a sex act. There is obviously a deep emotional connection between the two - you HAVE to have that kind of connection to play the kind of highly nuanced and synergistic music that these albums contain.

I have a hard time believing that Pastorius, with his famously intense and yet sensitive personality, and his unmatched musical passion, never made a sexual advance towards Mitchell during the recording of these albums, and I have a hard time believing that Mitchell, with her obvious sexual yearning manifested in her music, did not submit to him.

So, in somewhat less dramatic terms, I basically think that Jaco and Joni probably got it on.

Does anyone know the factual answer? If not, care to hazard a theory?

I posted an earlier thread about the woman who inspired the most songs by different artists and Joni was pretty high up there. From what I understand, she got around a bit. I heard that Rolling Stone published a notorious and rather extensive chart of supposed liasons between Joni and other musicians. Hey, I just found the alleged tree chart. It’s called “The Hollywood’s Hot 100,” and it ran in the issue cover-dated February 3, 1972. This chart consderably predated the album that you referred to.

By your reasoning he must also have slept with many other musicians, mostly male.

I don’t know a factual answer but it is difficult to imagine Joni “submitting” to anyone. I have always been impressed by the notion that she had no qualms about initiating these things. I couldn’t agree more about the genius of those albums, though.

I have always wanted to sleep with Joni Mitchell. I bet she is an insanely passionate and sexual person. I wonder if she still “gets around?” What does she look like now, anyway? It’s hard to find an actual recent photo of her.

What, you’re finished with Rickie Lee Jones already?

Jaco played a mean bass, but was actually kind of an Ass-pipe from everything I’ve ever heard about him.

I hope she didn’t bang him!