Did McDonalds sever their ties with redbox

I don’t go to every McDonalds I see, but the two I tend to go to both had their Redboxes taken out.

Did McDonalds and Redbox sever ties? Or is this just a coincidence and they are still at other McDonalds?

I’ve never seen a Redbox at a McDonald’s.

Maybe it was a regional thing?

Redbox, in its earliest form (when it sold a variety of goods, not movie rentals) was initially funded by McDonald’s, so there definitely was a connection.

According to Wikipedia, Coinstar bought out McDonald’s share in February 2009.

Wikipedia also says Redbox has been moving kiosk locations quite a bit.

So I don’t THINK it’s any sort of severing of ties - those ties appear to have been severed almost a decade ago.

I’ve never seen a Redbox in a McDonalds. That must be a regional thing.

I had no idea it wasn’t a national thing. Where I live they are at lots of McDonalds.

Redbox here is at McDonalds, major grocery store chains and major pharmacy chains. Plus some major gas station chains. I assumed this was a nationwide corporate partnership.

I’ve seen a lot of Redboxes (Redboxen?) in McDonald’ses*. Could be a regional thing.

*How do you make the plural of a business name that’s possessive (or a contraction for that matter)? Rephrasing to something like “McDonald’s restaurants” isn’t very elegant.

I had the same issue with my post and rephrased it. The best thing I could find online is that it would be McDonald’s’s, but every place I found that option, they all just recommended rewriting the sentence to avoid the construction.