Did My Cat Have A Seizure, or what?

About an hour ago, my 4 year old male cat was playing with me and then I walked away and had my back to him, and a couple minutes later, it sounded like he landed hard from the table he was sitting on, and started walking. He was clearly disoriented- leaning to one side and the other, being wobbly, looking confused. It lasted a few seconds, then it stopped and he was back to himself. He was exceptionally affectionate for a while, now he’s sleeping as normal for this time of day. (Which is any time of day.)

He hasn’t had any recent illnesses, is vaccinated, and we wormed him the other night like we have once a month for the past couple of years. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but doesn’t really wander since he lost his jewels a few months ago.

I don’t know what seizures in cats look like.

It sounds like he fell off the table. What makes you suspect a seizure? How is he this morning?

A seizure in a cat looks much like a seizure in a human. On the ground trembling with no control over movement and eyes unfocused. It usually lasts only seconds and the cat returns to normal.

Your cat may have simply fallen off the table, and since he was walking although wobbly, he may not been having a seizure. However, if he did have one, he may have others. If this happens again, I would take him to the vet.

Don’t worry. Seizures can be controlled with medication in many cases. And the cat isn’t suffering because of them.

I don’t think, now, that the wobbly drunken thing was a seizure, but I didn’t know what a cat seizure looked like, so I asked. I guess the best explanation is that he fell off the table- it sounded harder than a jump- and… ?

He is being his normal self today.