Did Ray Charles ever meet Stevie Wonder?

If so, on what occasion, and did they ever play music together?

I think so, I’m trying to remember where and when but I would think the Grammies at least. Try IMDB search for both actors.

From http://www.swingmusic.net/Ray_Charles_Biography.html


Probably not what you’re looking for, but they both participated in We Are The World.

That was the one I was trying to remember. They both sang on the Christmas song from this.

Did Ray Charles ever meet Stevie Wonder?

There’s a really tasteless joke in there somewhere, but I haven’t quite figured it out… :smiley:

Assuming that the question was answered. I want to add this link.
WWWF GRUDGE MATCH: Stevie Wonder vs. Ray Charles


A really tasteless sightless joke in there.

Straight to Hell for that one.

Obviously: No. They just couldn’t see eye-to-eye about it.

Crap! Exactly the “Go To Hell Free” card I was going to play!

Throw in Jose Feliciano, and it practically writes itself.

Ronnie Milsap would make it a quartet.

Andre Botticelli for a quintet

I don’t think there is room in this joke for a whole choir

What has four legs, a tail, eats oats, and sees equally well out of either end?

They wrote the song “Endless Love”, after a three-hour tennis match.

I thought the obvious “Go to hell free” response was

“how would they know?”

But I can SEE the humor in the other jokes

Don’t forget Blind Lemon Lipschitz, who gouged out his eyeballs with a spoon just so he could be called Blind Lemon…it’s true, don’t laugh!

okay, so it’s not

How about yes, but they didn’t recognize each other.

Dammit, you beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue: