Did some politician say that “Socrates would get cancelled today”?

Heard about it on social media, but cannot find any original source. I wonder if it’s an urban myth like many quotes attributed to supposedly dumb politicians, usually these stories are apocryphal. Like the Dubya said “The problem with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur.”

Pretty sure even the wokiest HR wouldn’t make a guy drink hemlock.

He’s in Florida of course.

He did get canceled.

He got a lot more cancelled in his own time than any of the modern losers whining about cancel culture ever did.

This article quotes some of the Twitter responses.

I don’t know that he’d be cancelled, because he’d probably drink the Kool-aid.

Every time a criminal widely believed guilty is acquitted, traditionalists wring their hands: “Today, Lizzie Borden would walk!”

Forgetting, of course, that Lizzie Borden did walk.

No quote has been quite so perfect since Investor’s Business Daily opined ‘If Stephen Hawking were British…’

And notes that apparently Sabatini has a degree in philosophy. According to this site, magna cum laude.

Not clear to me whether the University of Florida is incompetent; Sabatini is incompetent and somehow cheated his way to a degree, or has serious memory problems and has forgotten way too much of what he learned; or Sabatini thinks his audience is incompetent. I suspect the last one at minimum, but it might of course be all of those together.

My God. :grimacing:
The guy must have skipped the chapter on Socrates during his degree.

Maybe he thought Plato was Republican…

He did write The Republican Manifesto didn’t he?

Certainly he thought invoking the name “Socrates” would make him sound smart and learned. Oops.
Did he pronounce it like Bill and Ted did?

Like sands through the hourglass…

I don’t read that the same way at all. For most of my life, the fact the Socrates was canceled was seen as a failing of the Greek state. Incompatible with modern American and Liberal ideas and ideals.

The fact that modern American and left-wing ideals has swung so hard that it’s recreating one of the best known failures of the ancient Greek state is worth observing. The fact that people on this board are so party partisan that they can’t even see the relevance of the criticism is … appalling.

Socrates’ last words: “I drank what?

Wow! I had no idea things had gotten so bad! How many right-wingers were forced to drink poison by the modern American Left?

Wow, I had no idea things had gotten so bad! How many left-wingers equate canceling with poisoning their political opponents?

When I graduated high school 40 years ago, UF was widely seen as a “party” school, as in an easy place to get your 4 year college degree.

The school has subsequently raised its academic stature and is now seen as one of the best colleges in the state, tho it still has its share of partiers to be sure.

None that I’ve seen. There was a right wing politician who claimed Socrates would be “cancelled” today; a bunch of people pointed out to him that what happened to Socrates was much worse than being canceled - namely, he was murdered.

YOU then compared what the “modern American left” does to what happened to Socrates:

So I guess if you consider yourself a left winger, that makes one of you who equated poisoning to canceling; if you do not consider yourself a left winger, that would make “none” the correct answer.