Did something happen to tighty whities?

I recently tried shopping for plain old white brief underwear, but all I found at multiple major stores/chains were boxer briefs. Is this part of a trend? Are they still being made? (I assume so, because the models on some labels of white t shirt were wearing them…)

I don’t think so. I see that Wal Mart sells them, as does Nordstrom.

Jockey even makes three styles of tighty whiteys – a bikini/low-rise, the traditional cut, and a higher waistband version that seems to be made for guys with beer bellies.

I recently went shopping for some of these. (The Jockey low-rise, which I wouldn’t at all describe as being bikini-like.) The local mall has two dept stores (Macy’s and Penney IIRC). Both had a desultory selection of these styles, resembling the remains of a clearance sale.

So I asked a clerk, who looked them up in my size and ordered them on-line for me.

When you find a product you like, be sure to order a lifetime supply while they are still making them.

I don’t buy white ones, but I’m sticking with briefs and I have no problem finding them at Meijer. I hate (hate) boxers and boxer briefs.

I *wish *they’d go away. I hate tighty-whities. Hate them.

(And, yeah, guys, feel free to hate whatever women’s undies you want.)

I wear everything but boxers, but I NEVER wear white briefs. Have to be a color, guess I’ve seen too many old men inn whities.

I still see 'em in stores. But the vibe I mainly get from men I know, and this certainly holds true for me, is that tighty-whities are “little-boy” underwear.

Thongs. Not sexy. According to women I know, not comfortable, either. I’m probably in the minority here, but Victoria’s secret is that Hanes Her Way and Fruit Of The Loom For Her are far more appealing, to me, at least, than any of the crotch torture devices sold as lingerie.

Target sells plain ol’ white briefs but the only briefs I found in my size are either neon colors (ugh) or dark colors.

Well, I think the material commonly used in women’s undies has a texture like sandpaper, but since I don’t actually wear that, it’s no skin of my butt.

I bought a set of pillowcases once that, to the best of my knowledge, was made of the same material that women’s underwear is often made of. I found it terribly uncomfortable against my face. We had a discussion about this a while back (see Post #11 et seq.)

::golf clap::

I just bought some at Target today.

Oddly, my young son wears multicolored boxer-briefs, while I stick with the tried-and-true white briefs I’ve been wearing all my life. Don’t care if most women don’t find them sexy. The only woman who ever sees them is my wife.

I think what happened is someone came up with the term “tighty whities”. Killed the market for 'em, just like how the market for quiche cratered after that book was published.

Me, I started wearing boxers when we had kids, and it was likely I’d be up and around the house in the middle of the night. A bit more dignified.

This strikes me as correct. My husband wore tighty whities and he (and I) never gave it a second thought, until one day I woke up and said … “ugh. TIGHTY WHITIES??? Ever thought about boxer shorts?”

He switched and neither of us ever looked back.

I still love quiche, too. Eat it all the time. Guess I’m just not someone who follows fashion trends.

Briefs, or white briefs? It’s not like Henry Ford’s you can have any color as long as it’s black anymore, one has color options these days.

My husband has almost no butt, so tighty-whities look baggy and weird on him. About 10 years ago I bought him some boxer briefs, and he never wears anything else.

Briefs. The white ones are distinctly not attractive, and the colored ones remind me of my little brother in his Superman Underoos.

Tighty-whities here. Tried boxers and boxer-briefs before but disliked them. My wife’s not in love with them but I figure I’m the only one who has to wear them so I’m the only one who gets a vote.