I'm giving up tighty whities for...umm...tighty colors.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try boxer briefs for the hell of it when I needed a few new pair to replace the white briefs I’d been wearing since childhood (and man some of them sure looked like they’d been worn since childhood…), and all that was available in the perfectly reasonable multipack were color mixes. Manly colors. Strong blacks, reds, dark greys, dark blues. I’d never had any colored underwear and the notion seemed kinda, well, girly.

But I bought a number of packs of the boxer briefs, all in various color multipacks, before deciding “heck, these really just kinda ride up my legs and become briefs with an uncomfortable accumulation of fabric at the legs. This sucks.” So I switched back to briefs. But alas, I had grown accustomed to the look of black and red and one mucho manly powder blue pair that came in a pack somewhere along the line.

I could no longer wear the cheap thin-fabric BVD multipacks and be happy. And it wasn’t vanity. I certainly don’t look any more attractive with my gut invading on a black waistband than a white, though Only Mostly Missus likes to joke about the passion that red ignites, or to quote Notting Hill “Not bad, not bad. Ladies love the grey.” It’s more the convenience. I can wash my underwear with my socks, which are all now darks for work, not so much white athletic socks. Yeah, I COULD wash them with the white undershirts, but somehow darks are easier to do. It doesn’t hurt that the colors hide the unavoidable discoloring around the crack, or that fabric seems a lot better on these than the brands of tighty-whities I used to buy; heavier, more durable. And less butt-sag. Because that is one of the biggest mood killers of all: butt-sag.

So men! Wear your weirdly included powder blue nuthuggers and rejoice!

One should always try and epitomize “mundane” and “pointless” when starting a thread here.

Eech! I gave up tighty whities years ago. I favor Fruit of the Loom knit boxers but I have recently switched to ladies underwear. Sorta. One day I grabbed a pair of gray shorts and as I slipped them on I thought “wow, these fit great,”…wait a minute. I had put on a pair of my wife’s pseudo bike shorts underwear. They were comfortable, kept my thighs from chafing on a hot day and most important did not sqush uncle Jesse and the Duke boys. My wife doesn’t partcularly like them so I have several pair now and I don’t really worry about the paramedics seeing the “Just My Size” label if I’m in an accident.

The tight trunk shorts are hard to beat. No bunching that you get from boxers, whilst better looking than tighties. They are quite like cycling shorts but shorter and softer.

As a girl, I have to say I HATE tighty whities on guys. It was one of the few things I ever asked him to consider changing. Now he wears different colors, and wonder of wonders! boxer shorts, which I love.

Most of my underwear drawer (redundant, I know) has white briefs, but there are a few packs of colored stuff because I ran out and they were on sale. Turns out to be a good idea because I just started taking a Pilates class and one of the more open-minded women came up to me after class and suggested that if I wanted to hide what I was showing while stretching out, unless I bought new gym shorts I could at least wear the same color underwear as shorts…

My husband had a pair of (now that you mention it) strangely powder blue briefs with extreme butt sag - he stuffed a couple of tennis balls in the back once; it looked so funny I was laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath. You should try that for your wife some night - chicks really dig it. :smiley:

The longer, bike short underwears are hot on men!! Now only if Mr Nvme would try them- he seems to only like his whities. ALthough the random blue or red are ok

I gave up briefs for boxers years ago, but recently I’ve discovered boxer briefs. They’re a perfect mix. They feel nicer than boxers, keep me warmer, and don’t bunch up or ‘crowd’ your jeans, and they’re not as tight and uncomfortable as briefs. Over time I guess I’ll phase most of the boxers out of my underwear drawer.

Count me in with Marley…boxerbriefs all the way. There is the occasional pair of knit boxers, but most of my underwear drawer is colored BBs. No chafing, necessary support for the package, and not tighty-whities.

Hey Papeye, Thanks for ruining a fond childhood memory of mine. :smiley:

I’m a boxer brief man myself. I bought them when they first came out. My buddy poked fun at me once for wearing them. Turns out a short while later he bought some for himself at the request of his Girlfriend.

So I’m pretty much under the impression that this is what the ladies like. If your concerned about that kink of thing.

So many ways to take this…

Tommy Hilfilger boxers rock. They’re the only ones I can find on a consistent basis that are contour cut so that they aren’t merely shorts; they don’t bunch up or ride or anything. Plus they come in all kinds of cool designs: American flags, frogs, lobsters, stars, the Bond girls and, for Valentine’s day, lots of little red hearts.

Best of all, chicks dig 'em. :stuck_out_tongue:

How have I gone my whole life and not known a man who wore briefs? I didn’t even know they were called tighty whities until about five years ago. It’s always been boxers for the men in my life, and color only mattered to one guy. Why, one fellow wore lovely light pink boxers for months when a red sock was mixed in with the whites. Looked quite nice.

Mini hijack por favor-- A question about boxers-- why? I tried a pair once and they were awful, bunching up and making funny lumps under my jeans that took forever to smooth out. Once you get them on correctly, they’re just lightweight shorts. Not enough support for me and I don’t even have dangly bits. Because I gather it’s about support. Or not?

Next boyfriend I get my hands on, I’m going to take time out to grill him about men’s underwear. I’m not just going to unquestioningly go along for the ride any more.

[sup]I did too mean that double entendre. planned it weeks ago[/sup]

The support issue is why I don’t wear boxers. As such, it’s all briefs and boxer briefs for me. I like giving the boys a nice place to live instead of leaving them out to dry.

If I ever get the chance to name a songbird species, it will be the Powder Blue Nuthugger.

I was a tighty whitey guy until a few years ago. Now it’s boxer briefs for work or the gym and boxers for more relaxed occasions. Sure, you can get some bunching with either kind but it’s way less invasive than the briefs always were.

This is a hijack but on a similar note.

I’d love to find the longer, bike short type of panties for women but have had no luck finding anything that wasn’t a girdle or shaper. Can anyone help me out? I’d like to wear a skirt with no panty hose (I’m in Florida) but my ample thighs rub together and get sweaty. Not a pleasant feeling. (ok that was probably TMI, sorry)

Back on topic my former husband wore the colored tighty whities. They’re OK. I prefer boxers on men.

velvetjones, if you mean a cotton jersey material bike short my wife gets them from Lane Bryant I think. NP on the TMI because that is exactly the reason I wear them.

Thanks mucho. I’ve had no luck with the internet searches I’ve done. I hadn’t tried Lane Bryant. Good idea.

I just realize the tag says “Just My Size” so I’m assuming Haynes. I’ll check with her where she orders them but I’m about 2,000 miles away, working in Florida oddly enough.

When my boyfriend and I were dating the first time around he mostly wore the colored briefs which I thought were sexy. We broke up for a while and then started dating again. Now he only seems to wear tighty whities. I asked him what happened to all his sexy colored briefs and he said he still has some and then he started showing up with them on but they are getting where the elastic is giving out, so I guess if I want him to wear the colored ones I will have to buy them. So do guys just buy those tighty whities in huge ecomomy packs of several pairs so they don’t have to go underwear shopping very often?

Still laughing about the “Powder Blue Nuthugger”. :smiley: