Did something here change?

Did something here change recently? The page image for SD disappeared from my FF New Tabs start page yesterday or the day before. The title and link are still there but the image is gone.
I don’t know if I accidentally did something to make it disappear or y’all here did something to the board. Has this happened to anyone else?
When I redo the link all I get is SD in a little square in the lower right corner of the space for the image and the first letter of the title centered. I’m running FF Quantum (61.0.2).

When I used Firefox a couple of years ago, the favicons came and went, seemingly at random.

I have the same issue now and then running an older Mac version of FF. I just sort of ignore it for a while and like the one feral cat in the neighborhood, it just pops back in when I stop looking for it.

The rare times that’s happened to me, a simple hard refresh (Ctrl-F5) would always fix it.

Hmm, it has never disappeared on me before. This is the first time, and it’s not a big deal since the link still works. Maybe it will come back sometime.
Thanks for the replies.