Did SP2 mess up my Laptop Power scheme?

So, apparently Im a big idiot for downloading SP2. I can no longer simply press the power button on my laptop, and have it turn off. Instead it keeps the ram memory active, but turns off everything else. I don’t know how to turn the pc back up. Any Ideas?

You can check Power Options in Control Panel. Select the Advanced tab and you’ll find there a drop down menu that changes the power button’s behaviour.

I have tried that multiple times. Nothing changes what happens.

Offhand it sounds like SP2 might be enabling an additional power down hibernation mode. Go into the BIOS at startup and shut off all power conservation/hibernation options and see what that does. Play with those settings and see if the unwanted behavior stops.

I read the manual, and as far as I can tell, its the default setting. I just can’t change it to what I want. It is a power saving mode like hibernation… my monitor goes to sleep, and I can’t wake it up. It appears that everything else is still running.