Did the Israelis riot gas children?

Is it just me, or did the Israeli army just tear gas and percussion grenade a crowd of fourth graders?

I just saw this on the news today, and the Israeli’s claimed they did this(According to what I heard) because they were throwing rocks at soldiers and refused to disperse.

A crowd of fourth graders refused to disperse, and got tear gassed? Is this story an exagerration, or are they out of their fucking minds?

Did anyone else hear about this?

I just saw this on the news two hours ago, and can’t find a link for it yet.

What I would like to know is - didn’t these kid’s parents ever teach them that you ** Don’t throw rocks at people with guns**, or tear gas for that matter?!? Kids these days :rolleyes:

Just wondering – where did you see or hear this? I can’t imagine a story like this one (if it’s true) NOT turning up on CNN, BBC, etc.

so what ? when i was in 4th grade i clearly could think for myself. its not like they shot the kids, just taught them a lesson. maybe now those kids will start to use their heads and will actually have a real future as opposed to becoming some suicide bombers.

or they’ll become angrier at the Israelis and want to lash out more.

I used to throw snowballs at cars. Thank goodness they didn’t carry tear gas and percussion grenades.

I threw snowballs at cars a couple of times (residential street, low speed and traffic) when I was a child. But I knew enough not to throw them at the pickup with the gunrack on it. :slight_smile:

I still can’t find a link for this anywhere. I guess I’m a madman or something. Anyhow, they rolled a video of something like 2000 3rd and 4th graders demonstrating rather peacefully at the West Bank, then the Israeli Army vehicles roll in.

Fourth graders do not always know when something is right or wrong. I agree that they should have gotten a severe scolding, but tear gas? That’s entirely too much.

IOF Attack Children’s Anti-War Protest, Wound 3

The article doesn’t mention any rocks being thrown. Perhaps they were gassed pre-emptively because they might have had rocks, or access to rocks ?

Rubber bullets? On the news they said percussion grenades. It seemed a tad over the top to me. I get that the Israeli’s want order, security, ect.

But, c’mon, they’re half your size. Sending in an ice cream truck probably would’ve solved the problem.

Rocks seem to be a dominant issue in Israel. I guess the kids are lucky it wasn’t the F-16’s.

I have evidence that the children were attempting to buy several hundred tons of rocks from a certain African country.

No, you can’t see it.

Hmmm… what if they’re planning on giving the rocks to al Qaeda?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

As an aside, and obviously not directed to you, black455, I am continuously shocked and saddened to see people dismiss the deaths and injury of children and innocents simply because they are on the ‘wrong’ side. Can we all please accept that a bunch of children getting hurt by a group of soldiers is a horrible thing? Please?


The FUCK???

This is so FUBAR.

How is this any different from the UDF throwing rocks at Catholic school children? Except of course, that this is the GOVERNMENT.

Fuck it.

That was a charming thread wasn’t it ?
FUBAR indeed !

Will anyone arguing against this swear that, if they are ever on the wrong end of a barrage of rocks, they will let their heads be bashed in rather than fight back?

Frankly, I think the soldiers showed restraint in using something with no long-term effects, such as tear gas, rather than using the live guns which no doubt were more readily available.

It’s easy to kill someone with a rock. No, the fourth-graders didn’t “deserve” to die or be hurt, but I wouldn’t blame someone for doing what was necessary in a life-threatening situation.

I agree with markdiscordia. I remember a while back, Israeli soldiers shot some Palestinian kids they thought were throwing grenades at them. Palestinian sources said, “no, they were only throwing rocks.” I think in the end it was determined that the kids indeed had rocks . . . still, I remember thinking, only rocks?? You can kill a person that way! That’s supposed to excuse the whole incident?

Just because it’s a less sophisticated weapon doesn’t change the fact that it is a weapon, and it can kill.

I’m not saying that rock throwing would be excusable, or that it might not have been necessary to take some action on the kids. Maybe they had to use the tear gas and rubber bullets, it just seemed a tad extreme.

I’ll even go so far as to say that on the handful of occassions a child has thrown something at me, I’ve had an intense desire to shoot them in the ass with a rubber bullet. I haven’t done it yet, but there you go.

As for Guinastasia’s comment, I have no clue what she’s talking about. I’m new in the world of disciplining large groups of children, and perhaps I’m way off base.