Did the Mods go silly again this April?

Like they did last year in this thread?

I must have missed that first go round. I haven’t seen anything similar this year (but then again, I missed it last year, so don’t go by me.) Silly mods.

The joke last year was a “funny-once.” The first time you’re a wit. The second time you’re a half-wit. he progression is logarithmic.

silenus, I think you meant exponential.

I think I should stop posting while having a Bloody Mary for breakfast. :smiley:

Next time put a few olives in your Bloody Mary. That way you have a Bloody Mary plus some food. Trust me, olives (black or green) are a great twist.

Yeah, but you’re never completely witless, maybe just a nitwit.

Shouldn’t this thread really be in AT… eh, never mind.

No, a bit of lemon or lime is a twist, olives are a garnish.

Just crack a key lime over the rim, split the difference.

Wait, this is about food and drink, so maybe this belongs in…

We passed up this year, so we can getcha next year with something original.

Awww. Now they’ll be watching for it.
Actually, I was originally planning for another round, but we encountered so many March fools, this year, I figured it would be anticlimactic.

Well, if you did it some time other than April, that would really catch us off guard. Nothing like a September Fool’s Day joke.