Did the New Orleans 1984 "Vampire" murders actually happen?

Hi all,

I would be very grateful if anyone has any information on this, I need to confirm whether this actually happened.

Allegedly, sometime in 1984, a series of 9 murders took place in and around the French Quarter, where the victims all appeared to be bloodless and had their throats removed. No suspects to this date. Did this actually happen?

I saw it mentioned on several blogs and vampire pages (mentioned here for example) but I couldn’t find any real reliable source to confirm this is anything more than tourist guide talk. I did an extensive online search and came up with nothing. I’m aware that there were no actual vampires involved- I just need to know if the murders, as they are described, really took place.

So yeah, anyone perhaps from that area who was around in 1984 might be able to confirm if this is true? Or anyone has access to actual newspaper articles on this? Thanks all, in advance.

You can be pretty sure it isn’t true because there are about a dozen versions or the story. The “official version” is the murders were in 1978 and there were only two.