did The Spark go under?

does anybody know? I tried to go over there today for the first time in a while and I’m not getting anything.

what will I do without those quizzes? And the Date My Sister Project?

O woe is me!

All the quizzes are still up, but it looks like the link to the Date My Sister Project has gone defunct. They haven’t updated the site at all in at least a year I believe; last news I remember hearing was that they were going on a 6 month hiatus to regroup and re-tool the site. But as I said, that was over a year ago.

Oh my, never mind that last post. I was just on there last week and the quizzes were still up (I had a friend take the Purity Test); but when I just tried it now, it appears they’re all dead.

Ding dong, the Spark is dead.

That’s too bad. I wonder if it could be because of the rather expensive “Fat Project”?

Personally, I found it funnny. If I could have figured out how to do it and not loose my job, I was going to offer to let them pay me to not shower for a month.

Sigh. The Spark is dead. Long live The spark.

His name was Robert Paulson…

Hold on, now it looks like all the tests are up and running (and even the old Date My Sister Project). But there are also a shed load of popups, so maybe they are only up when they have ad revenue to fund having everything up?

The Stinky Meat Projects ™ were the best. All hail theSpark!

The Spark lost it when Christian Rudder left them. He was the one behind all their best stuff.

What he’s doing now: