Did they recently edit an episode of "That 70's Show"

My husband has been re-watching (and re-watching AND RE-WATCHING!) the syndicated episodes of That 70’s Show and as a result I’ve seen most of them several times. The one we were watching last night was the one where after Hyde gets busted for holding Jackie’s pot Red is going to throw him out. After Donna explains the pot was actually Jackie’s, Red decides he can stay; not knowing this Eric bursts in and confesses to his own pot use. Red says “since when?” and the boys have a flash back to when they were about 10 years old or so. Now the way I remember it, the scene begins with the glissando leading into “ABC” by the Jackson Five, and in time to the music young Hyde holds up an incense stick and lighter, then lights it. On last night’s show there was no music and the whole scene seemed sort of weird and lumpy. My husband didn’t notice it until I said something, then agreed “yeah, there’s definately supposed to be music there.”

Did someone in the Jackson camp take umbrage to their music being used as a tokin’ soundtrack, or was it something lamer, like someone forgot to renew the royalty payment or something.

(OR am I completely misremembering the scene?)

It’s possible that the contract to use the song had run out. Check out nearly any episode of WKRP In Cincinnati and notice the generic music playing at the radio station.

Either a syndication cut or a music clearance problem. I don’t know which.

Not trying to hijack, but I did see an episode fairly recently that was on the new TNN, and it featured a song by Luther Vandross.

Wait…didn’t realize you said nearly…but, perhaps my post could still be cited as an example?